October 16, 2013

Product Spotlight: Army Painter New Quickshade Inks, Ink Set & Mega Paint Set

TAP has released four new Coloured Quickshade Inks in their Warpaints range bringing the total in the range up to seven inks. Unique to the new Quickshade colour tone inks are the fact that they shade and colour- tone at the same time. Instead of simply adding a slightly stronger colour, the heavier dark pigment combined with lighter colour pigment makes the inks work like a Quickshade – with added colour.

WP1137 Quickshade Green Tone Ink
WP1138 Quickshade Red Tone Ink
WP1139 Quickshade Blue Tone Ink
WP1140 Quickshade Purple Tone Ink

Army Painter: Warpaints Quickshade Ink Set WP8004 
The complete Quickshade Ink range in one box.
The colour toned inks are fabulous tools for adding colour and shading in one wash - and the original Quickshade Ink tones: SOFT, STRONG & DARK are easy to use and essential in adding depth to any miniature. In addition to the 3 original inks you alse get, RED, BLUE, PURPLE & RED Quickshade Tone Inks - for a total of 7 high quality 18ml. pots of goodness. A massive saving on the individual prices - buy them all in one go!

TAP-WP1141 Army Painter: Warpaints Hydra Turquoise 18ml 
TAP-WP1142 Army Painter: Warpaints Chaotic Red 18ml

New Warpaints Mega Set
TAP-WP8005 Army Painter: Warpaints Mega Paint Set
The complete package - with ALL you will ever need for painting armies of miniatures. It contains the 42 x top quality Warpaints, including the 7 x Quickshade inks and 1 x Anti-Shine Matt Varnish. But that is not all as you will also get the 3 MOST WANTED Wargaming brushes from The Army Painters sable brush range with the famous triangular handles. Furthermore, a 12 page How to use Warpaints guide in full colours is also included. The Mega Paint set is a massive saving - arguable the best paint deal in the business! 

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