July 30, 2013

Links & Web Gems:Figure Painter Magazine Issue 3 Now Available

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 3 is out now and is our biggest issue to date. Inside you'll find our insight interview with sculptor Roberto Chaudon. Reviews of Ammon's Ana Bot Hunter and Spellcrow's Plagure Prince. We also have the second part of Barry Fords Tale of Two Kitties, how to paint TMM, a homage to JMD Miniatures and part 3 of our Malifaux Gaming Table Build Plus all our regular features and lots more!

FPM is available as a downloaded PDF for less then $2.00 a copy.  FPM is a new independent magazine dedicated to sculpting, painting, displaying, collecting and gaming with miniature figures from all genre's. The magazine has details on new releases, reviews, interviews with the industries top painters and sculptors, show reports, tutorials and a user gallery. 

Aaaahhhh! The Sixties...I miss them. It was a great time to be a kid!

Just Arrived New MIG MUD & Transformation Sets

Now available MIG Productions the innovator in model weathering products: two new MUD products and six new Transformation Sets 

The new MUD references (MGP-504 and 505) are intended to replicate the Sub-Sahara region and are ideal to represent soils rich in iron. From the MIG Press Release: Soils rich in iron presents a reddish color look and our new mud references are the exact match to represent it. We present two new different references. The “Dry Mud - fine texture” and the “Dry Mud - rough texture”. Like that, the modellers will have a wider range of possibilities. No matter if you are building a Vietnam, African or South America local conflict. If you need a reddish color soil, MIG Productions have the answer for it!

MGP-504 MIG Productions Sub Sahara Dry Mud Fine Texture 75ml Jar
MGP-505 MIG Productions Sub Sahara Dry Mud Rough Texture 75ml Jar 

Transformation Sets include two washes, two filters and two oils and cover the most demanded themes: allied vehicles, grey and yellow German vehicles, primed red vehicles, winter camuflage and rust and decay effects. Each sets include a use guide with application tips and their price is lower than the price when you buy their components separately. The new sets are as follows with complete set contents on our web site. 
MGP-P253 MIG Transformation Set: Allied Green
MGP-P254 MIG Transformation Set: German Yellow 
MGP-P255 MIG Transformation Set: German Grey
MGP-P256 MIG Transformation Set: Winter Vehicle
MGP-P257 MIG Transformation Set: Rust & Decay 

July 29, 2013

FIGURE OF THE WEEK #34: Old Northwest WWII German 1/32nd Scale Pre Painted Pewter

This figure, long one of my favorites, was issued by Old Northwest in 2007. Sculpted by Ken Osen just before he joined W. Britains as their master sculptor.  This is one of the nicest figures Ken has ever done with beautifully balance anatomy and proportions, finely detailed equipment  and the spot-on historical accuracy the Ken is famous for. Once in a while a miniature hits that sweet spot where you know it's a great figure and this is one of them and worthy of our FOTW collection. 


Michigan Toy Soldier Weekly Recap for Week of July 22, 2013

This week we received shipments from two new figure vendors that have been added to our inventory & offerings. Munich Kits & Hecker & Goros. Both are 1/72nd scale. New releases from Andrea Miniatures arrived including the new Brown paint set and a beautiful kit of General Cooke in the Indian Wars. 

We received a complete restock on the Plastic Soldier Company including the three new 1/72nd scale allied armor kits. Also restocked were Germania Figuren and Nikolai 1/72nd scale figure sets. 

A new Army Painter Colour Base Primer Gunmetal arrived on schedule and we also posted for pre order the new inks that will be added to the Warpaints range in October.

Also available for pre order are the September releases from Collectors Showcase including new editions to the ACW, WWII, Napoleonic & Rome series

Airfix reissued some nice 1/32nd scale WWII figure sets, model kits and diorama buildings.

July 25, 2013

We Welcome Munich Kits & Hecker & Goros Zinnfiguren to the MichToy Family

We are pleased to announce that we are now stocking two new companies in our 1/72nd scale offerings. Both companies hail from Germany and offer excellent quality in design, sculpting and historical accuracy. Hecker & Goros Zinnfiguren of Germany has been around for many years but their 1/72nd scale line is new here at Michigan Toy Soldier. They produce beautifully sculpted and finely cast pewter figures in 1/72nd scale. 

Munich Kits is an offshoot of Hecker & Goros are also imported from Germany. The company produces figures out of resin plastic in 1/72nd scale and are known for their beautiful castings, exuisite sculpting by Florian Hecker, historical detail and accuracy. Sets are packaged in blister boxes with foam inserts to protect the figures.

The First 4 Sets by Munich
MKG-FHLW02 Deutsche Luftwaffe 1943 
MKG-FHLW03 Deutsche Luftwaffe 1914-1918 
MKG-FHW01 Plundering Vikings #1 
MKG-FHW02 Plundering Vikings #2 

July 24, 2013

Product News: 1/72nd Scale Figures & Models: Pre Painted WWII US & German Figures Coming from Blitz 72

Blitz 72, known for 1/72nd scale World War II armor models has re-emerged as a with 1/72nd scale, pre-painted plastic figures. Several collectors have pointed out that these were originally issued by Caesar Miniatures and are being licensed to Blitz as painted figures.  Blitz 72's plastic figure sets are perfect companions not only to Blitz 72 models, but also to Hobby Master, Dragon, Panzerstahl, War Master, Easy Model, and other brands of 1/72 World War II German and U.S. vehicles. They're even pre-painted so that, like the vehicles they're designed to accompany, setup and display is as easy as opening the package. These figures should have endless possibilities for use. Click Here to Pre Order and Save 15%

Classic Historical & Military Images: Young German Soldier during the WWI Battle of the Somme

Classic image of a young German soldier during the WWI Battle of the Somme. One of my all time favorite military images.

Colorized version of this classic image.

July 23, 2013

Product News 1/32nd Scale Plastic: Nice Batch of 1/32 Reissues from Airfix

Airfix has just reissued a nice batch of WWII figures, scenics & model kits in their 1/32 scale range. Out of production for some time it's nice to see these classics available again.
View them here

AFX-2710 WWII Japanese Infantry 
AFX-2719 WWII Gurkhas
AFX-2720 British SAS (Special Air Service) 
AFX-6380 WWII Strongpoint Ruined Building 
AFX-6381 Desert Outpost Ruined Building 
AFX-5360 Monty's Humber Snipe Staff Car 
AFX-6360 Rommel's Half Track with 3 Figures 

Tips & Tricks: Good Video from MIG Productions on Absolute Chipping

Ak Interactive Summer 2013 New Releases Spot

July 21, 2013

Shameless Plug #1

Michigan Toy Soldier is your complete source featuring the world's best selection of 1/72nd scale products including Toy Soldiers & Figures, Models Kits, Scenic & Diorama supplies and much more. If it's Braille Scale it's here!

July 20, 2013

Product News: 28mm Scale Figures & Models - Warlord Games September Releases Posted

The WWII Imperial Japanese Infantry plastic boxed set for the 28mm Bolt Action range leads the September releases from Warlord Games. The Hail Caesar rules system gets another supplement - Britannia which covers the Roman invasion of Britain, from the Claudian Conquest and wars of Caractacus until the defeat of Boudica and the destruction of the druids upon Mona. Included in this supplement is a map-based campaign game recreating the invasion, as well as historical scenarios covering the wars of Caractacus and the Boudican revolt. View & Pre Order September Releases Here

July 19, 2013

Links & Web Gems: Roman Character Painting Tutorial Using Army Painter Warpaints and Quickshade System.

There is good tutorial using Army Painter Warpaints and Quickshade system to paint a small scale mounted Roman Officer on the Warlord Games website. This is great for all small scale figure painters including 1/72nd to 28mm.
Look Here

LINKS & WEB GEMS: Putty&Paint - Amazing projects from figure artists all around the world

Get inspired by amazing projects from figure artists all around the world at Putty&Paint

What’s Putty&Paint?
Putty&Paint is the new way to share your art in scale. On Putty&Paint it’s all about you and your projects. A place for artists to show their latest works and a great source to get inspiration. No forum, no figure shop, no news. There are plenty of other great sites for that. Putty&Paint is not limited to a specific genre or scale. There are so many different genres in this hobby. Historical painters, scale modelers, concept sculptors, fantasy painters etc. All these genres should influence each other, as each one has it’s own strengths.

Our goal is to present you the best of all scales, and genres to serve you an awesome inspirational and motivational experience.

Product News 1/32nd Scale Plastic: Old West & Alamo For Fall 2013

Look for a set of Cowboys from a new company Austin Miniatures. There are six poses several of which appear to be based on movie characters (can you guess which ones)? Look for these in October after the Chicago Toy Soldier show where they are expected to make a debut. Also scheduled for the Chicago show release is Set #25 from Nick at TSSD which will feature Alamo Hand-to-Hand combat. More details as available....

July 16, 2013

Product News: 1/72nd Scale Figures & Models New Hat & Valiant This Fall!

Just announced and now posted for Pre Order at 15% Savings are eight new 1/72nd Scale Sets form Hat scheduled for release this Fall.
8192 - Native Natal Contingent
8205 - Sassanid Levy Infantry
8212 - Carthaginian Veteran Spearmen
8267 - Sassanid Light Infantry
8272 - WWI British Cavalry
8273 - WWI French Cavalry
8274 - WWI Turkish Cavalry
8280 - 7YW Prussian Infantry, Marching
8281 - 7YW Prussian Infantry, Action
8282 - 7YW Prussian Infantry, Command

Valiant Miniatures from the UK have also announced a new set for Fall. Pre Order Now
VMS-008 WWII British 6-pounder Anti-Tank Gun 

July 15, 2013

FIGURE OF THE WEEK #33: Plastic Teutonic Knight from Sovosold of Russia

This FOTW was sent to me by my good friend Tom Stark who has written countless articles on collecting toy soldiers for Plastic Playset Review, Toy Soldier & Model and many others. Tom is sort of plastic guru and can sniff out a unique plastic figure anywhere on the planet. This figure is from a series of Teutonic Knights by a new and somewhat obscure Russian manufacturer Sovosold. He is one of 18 poses in the series with the Russian knights being cast in maroon plastic and Teutonic knights that took them on cast in white plastic. All castings are one piece, not relying on attaching separate components to active the animation excepted. The detail is crisp and clean and historically spot on making this figure worthy as our Figure of the Week.

July 12, 2013

Germania August Releases Posted Including the New 30 Years War Range

Posted now for pre order are the new sets from Germania Figuren of Germany. Included are the first six sets in the new 30 Years War range and the Battle of Rocroi in 1643.

August Germania Releases:
GMF 72-8004 Pirates of the Caribbean Set 4
GMF 72-9502 Old West - Longhorns
GMF 72-5001 Rocroi 1643 - General deFontaine 
GMF 72-5002 Rocroi 1643 - Pikeman 
GMF 72-5011 Rocroi 1643 - Command Group 
GMF 72-5101 Rocroi 1643 - Wounded & Dead Set 1 
GMF 72-5102 Rocroi 1643 - Wounded & Dead Set 2 
GMF 72-5103 Rocroi 1643 - Wounded & Dead Set 3 
GMF 72-1005 Roman Triumph - The Victim 

IT'S THE WEEKEND! Here's a Few for Friday

July 10, 2013

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Strelets 1/72nd Scale Restock, New Releases and Upcoming Sets

We have received a big restock on Strelets 1/72nd scale sets including 8 new sets. We have also just listed 11 sets that will be arriving in early August and can be preordered now at a 15% savings.
View Complete Strelets Listings
View New Sets
View Upcoming Sets

About Strelets:
Strelets*R was founded in 1998 to fill the gaps in the 1/72 scale figure market that had previously had to be filled with conversions by collectors themselves. Initially production began in Russia, later production shifted to the Ukraine. A feature that distinguishes Strelets*R from other 1/72 scale companies is the greater variety of poses in it's sets. This allows collectors and gamers to better recreate battles and improve the realism of games. A standard infantry set contains at least 45 different poses, and a mixed infantry/cavalry set at least 24 infantry and 6 mounted figures. In 2008 Strelets introduced the new range Strelets Mini. The declared purpose of this range is to provide troops suitable for large organised formations where the usual Strelets all-unique pose philosophy is less appropriate. Consequently the intention is not to provide an entire army in a box, but rather to provide figures based on a theme. Mini sets contain 48 figures in 12 poses. In 2012 Strelets started the new range Strelets Arms which focuses on vehicles, artillery and more from Ancient Roman to World War I. With their unique subject matter and time periods Strelets continues to be one of our most popular and best selling companies with collectors. 

July 09, 2013

LINKS & WEB GEMS: Army Painter Wargamer's Army Painting Guide From Boxed To Fully Painted in Record Time!

The guys from Army Painter have a great 24 page guide in downloadable PDF format for painting figures using the popular Army Painter system. For those looking to paint large armies or groups of figures this is the perfect tutorial for you. Check out the Wargamer's Army Painting Guide From Boxed To Fully Painted in Record Time!

July 08, 2013

Hat Industries to Dive Into 1/72nd Scale American Civil War Sets

Hat has leaked out that they will be revisiting the American Civil War in 1/72nd scale. Four sets were posted as in development. While it's still very early in the process, these will be a welcome addition to the ACW available in 1/72nd Scale.
Here's the planned sets:

ACW Union Infantry Marching
ACW Union Command
ACW Confederate Infantry Marching
ACW Confederate Command

July 07, 2013

LINKS & WEB GEMS: The Absolute Best Step-by-Step Guides for Painting Historical Busts

There are many, many How-To or Step-by-Step (SBS) guides for building and painting figures of all sizes and scales on the internet.  Three of the best are featured on the website by the Spanish company Heroes & Villains and are presented by master painter Fernando Ruiz a.k.a. FeR. Each of the three current SBS take a bust from the beginning to finished in extensive detail with 100+ images in each fantastic tutorial. These guides will help remove the intimidation factor many modelers face by covering the painting faces, cloth patterns, leather, metal and so forth. Get inspired and start painting with these most excellent tutorials.
Germanic Warrior AD 9 – Step by Step 
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson – Step by Step
Jacobite Highlander Culloden, 1746 – Step by Step
Also check out Ziggy Starbrush & The Figures from Mars...Fernando Ruiz personal website for more inspiration.

Vallejo Adds 6 New Model Washes to Range

Six new washes in the popular Vallejo Model Wash range are now available bringing the total colors in the range  to 18. View & Order Here
The New Washes Are:
76519 Vallejo Model Wash: Olive Green 35ml Bottle.
Recommended for adding shadows around rivets or recessed details on vehicles painted in olive green or faded pale green.
76520 Vallejo Model Wash:  Dark Khaki Green 35ml Bottle.
This wash is used to produce depth effects and natural shadows on vehicles painted with a khaki base color or light camouflage tones.
76521 Vallejo Model Wash:  Oiled Earth 35ml Bottle
This wash reproduces the effects of accumulated dirt when oil, grease and fuel combine with caked dust on vehicles, wheels and other moving parts.
76522 Vallejo Model Wash: Desert Dust 35ml Bottle
This wash represents the natural accumulation of dust on vehicles painted with light or dark colors, especially in dry and desert climates.
76523 Vallejo Model Wash: European Dust  35ml Bottle
Recommended for all types of vehicles: the wash represents the most common tones of dust in central and eastern europe.
76524 Vallejo Model Wash: Blue Grey 35ml Bottle
Wash indicated for vehicles with a panzer grey base color. as well as all vehicles with a similar grey base.

July 06, 2013

It's the weekend!

Go Old School this weekend and visit your local hobby Shop! Support Brick & Mortar Stores. Our crack sales staff is ready to help you with all your hobby needs.

July 02, 2013

New Series Coming from Osprey in September

A new series called Combat will make it's debut in September. Combat pits history's adversaries against one another, from the snows of World War II's Eastern Front to the mud of the Somme. Combat's innovative split-screen artwork showing a key moment in battle from both sides' perspective offers a glimpse of war through the eyes of those who fought, while first hand accounts, expert analysis, photographs, maps and specially commissioned colour plates combine to immerse the reader in the experience of close quarter battles.
Pre Order Here and Save 20%

July 01, 2013

Mars - 4 New 1/72nd Scale Sets Just Arrived

4 sets of 1/72nd Scale artillery & figures from the Late Medieval period just arrived. :
MAF-72062 Polish Siege Bombard
MAF-72063 Polish Field Artillery
MAF-72064 Teutonic Field Artillery 
MAF-72065 Medieval Arkbalista