July 07, 2013

Vallejo Adds 6 New Model Washes to Range

Six new washes in the popular Vallejo Model Wash range are now available bringing the total colors in the range  to 18. View & Order Here
The New Washes Are:
76519 Vallejo Model Wash: Olive Green 35ml Bottle.
Recommended for adding shadows around rivets or recessed details on vehicles painted in olive green or faded pale green.
76520 Vallejo Model Wash:  Dark Khaki Green 35ml Bottle.
This wash is used to produce depth effects and natural shadows on vehicles painted with a khaki base color or light camouflage tones.
76521 Vallejo Model Wash:  Oiled Earth 35ml Bottle
This wash reproduces the effects of accumulated dirt when oil, grease and fuel combine with caked dust on vehicles, wheels and other moving parts.
76522 Vallejo Model Wash: Desert Dust 35ml Bottle
This wash represents the natural accumulation of dust on vehicles painted with light or dark colors, especially in dry and desert climates.
76523 Vallejo Model Wash: European Dust  35ml Bottle
Recommended for all types of vehicles: the wash represents the most common tones of dust in central and eastern europe.
76524 Vallejo Model Wash: Blue Grey 35ml Bottle
Wash indicated for vehicles with a panzer grey base color. as well as all vehicles with a similar grey base.

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