June 15, 2013

Two Great Reads on the 150th Anniversary of Gettysburg

I jagreat read on the 150th Anniversary of Gettysburg.

The Civil War Monitor (Summer 2013 issue). This great magazine has some unique articles on the Battle of Gettysburg in this special issue including Badge of Honor- 
Think getting into Harvard is tough? Try gaining entry into Gettysburg's elite cadre of licensed battlefield guides and Faces of Gettysburg- A selection of images—and stories—of some of the over 160,000 Union and Confederate soldiers who found themselves swept up in the epic engagement. The opening Salvo section includes: Facts, Figures & Items of Interest, Travels: My Gettysburg, Voices: Talk of the Town, Figures: Gettysburg by the Numbers, Rapid Fire: Expert Takes on Gettysburg, Preservation: An Unfinished Work, In Focus: Reunion on Little Round Top , Conversation: Director Ron Maxwell, Battlefield Echoes: Gettysburg—The Army's Living Classroom, Casualties of War: The Dead of Gettysburg. A great magazine with a equally great issue on Gettysburg. There is so much more packed into this unique issue.

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