December 28, 2014

Links & Web Jems & Other Digital Delights: Step-by-Step Armor Finishing Downloads our 2014 Update

Glenn Bartolotti has a excellent website devoted to Step-by-Step Armor Finishing articles that currently has 41 volumes . These are available as reasonably priced downloads in PDF format at $1.95 each.

The latest issue, no. 41 is devoted to a 1/72 IJA Type 95 “Ha-Go” Light Tank and is available now HERE

Glenn offers Vol. 35 as a free download so you can get a feel for his tutorials and what they entail.  This is different from many of his other products in that its subject is a 1/72 scale kit, and although he has done a few others for this scale, it has to be said that subject matter of this type aimed at braille scalers is relatively rare, and so is to be welcomed. The subject here is Dragon’s Sd.Kfz. 263 “Funkspahwagen” which, as Glenn states, is a very nice kit.

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