July 25, 2016

MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Magic Water by Unreal Details

Magic Water by Unreal Details
Year in and Year out Magic Water is one of our best selling products. It's hands down the best product out there for simulating water in just about any type of scenario. It's uses for modelers and dioramas are endless.

Unreal Details is a one man show by Dave Williams and is based here in Michigan. As the 'About Us' from Unreal Dave says...After a long search for the ideal water modeling resin, Magic Water came to be. Magic Water will not yellow, shrink, crack, or bubble when you add debris. It is user-friendly, not needing to be heated or layered and leaving ample working time before setting up. Magic Water sets up in as little as 12 hours and not more than 24, depending on the atmospheric conditions. Each carton of Magic Water contains enough resin (18 ounces) to make any average-sized project. It comes complete with a multi-page color booklet and instruction guide loaded with water modeling tips and techniques on making ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, rapids, waterfalls, swamps, swimming pools, mud puddles, and more! We are sure you will find Magic Water to be the easiest and most realistic product you have tried

Click Here to View Our Magic Water Demo on You Tube

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