June 06, 2013

Links & Web Gems: New 1/72nd Scale Online Magazine

An off shoot of the Bennos forum mentioned a couple days ago is a new site called 1/72 Miniatures which is now on-line. 1-72 Miniatures.com is an online magazine dedicated to 20mm, 1/72nd and 1/76nd scale miniatures with the goal to create a website that’s full of inspiration for both collectors, painters and wargamers of 1/72nd scale miniatures.

They hope to…
- bring you the latest 1/72 news, 
- write and show interesting reviews,
- provide you with the most inspiring works in the Eye Candy gallery,
- bring you tutorials about modelling, painting and photography,
- show you all the latest 1/72 posts from blogs, 
- keeps you informed about upcoming events, 
- offer an up to date list with 1/72 related websites. 

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