June 06, 2013

Leaking Stains & Dark Mold Sounds Tasty!

Lifecolor Acrylic Hobby Colors has released 4 new sets in the Easy 3 range. The Easy 3 range is a series of paint sets to achieve various effects on models in a fast and effective way. Each Easy 3 set includes 3 paints in 22ml. bottles to use in step by step sequence. 

The New Sets Are:
LFC-M0S9 Lifecolor Easy 3- City & Surroundings War on the Road Scenic Detail
LFC-MS10 Lifecolor Easy 3- IDF Army Uniforms Colors Acrylic Set
LFC-MS11 Lifecolor Easy 3- Grime Effect Green Leaking & Stains
LFC-MS12 Lifecolor Easy 3- Damp Effect Damp-Dark Mold Leaking & Stains

Perhaps it's my warped mind but I find the set names Green Leaking Effects and Dark Mold Leaking somewhat intriguing. It may be because these are similar to what upsets my wife when doing laundry.

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