August 01, 2013

AK Interactive August Releases Now Available

AK Interactive unleashes four great new products...Two more 60ml. bottles of primer (black & white) are added to the growing acrylic primer range. AK waterbased polymer primer is perfect for use as a basis for any color. Its superb adhesion qualities combined with a matt-satin finish make AK primer the perfect choice for preparing models for painting. Only a light layer of primer is required for full, effective coverage; insuring that every surface detail remain crisp and clean.

Next up is another acrylic paint set this time covering German War Colors 1937-44. As with the rest of the paint sets this will contain 6, 17ml. Bottles of AK Acrylic Paint. These colors are available only in this set and will not be sold individually.

 AK Interactive Extreme Weathering Vehicles Book.
Whether they are found on the factory floor or the junkyard pile, cars and trucks reveal a wide variety of materials, shapes and colors which makes them the perfect candidate to apply all types of finishing products and weathering techniques. Led by some of the finest modelers in the world, this book demonstrates how to apply a large diversity of products and painting techniques to the creation of extremely weathered vehicles. From the painting of a small motor, to producing an entire scene that brings life and context to a vehicle, this book will show you how to get finest weathering effects on a model of a civilian vehicle. 
AKI 424 AK Interactive The Weathering Magazine Issue 5 - Mud 
AKI 420 AK Interactive The Weathering Magazine Issue 1 - Rust - Reprint 
AKI 177 AK Interactive White Acrylic Primer 60ml Bottle 
AKI 178 AK Interactive Black Acrylic Primer 60ml Bottle 
AKI 560 AK Interactive German War Colors 1937-44 Acrylic Paint Set 
AKI 404 AK Interactive Extreme Weathering Vehicles Book

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