October 18, 2014

Toys in the Attic - Revell Beatles Model Kits

Growing up in the 60s one of my many obsessions was building models. I favored the character models, Hawk Weird-Ohs, almost anything by Aurora, Rat Fink and Lindys Loonies just to name a few. A recent cleaning at my parents house turned up an old Paul McCartney model I built way back when. Music and the Beatles in particular were another obsession of mine and so Beatles models naturally made sense.  My fading memory tells me I built these several times but Paul is the only survivor of my Beatles kits. 

About the Revell Beatles model kits:
In 1964 hot on the heels of Revell's popular Rat Fink line came the company's issue of the four members of the Beatles. They apparently beat rival Aurora to the punch in obtaining the license to the group's likenesses - Revell was known much more for their kits of automobiles, planes, and battleships than characters; that's where Aurora excelled. The kits followed in the wave of near-hysteria that followed the Beatles' appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, when they became instant household names in America. Besides the millions-selling Beatles records, a healthy amount of merchandising resulted, which included lunchboxes, bubblegum cards, figurines, etc

All four likenesses were accurately sculpted, complete with accurate depictions of their instruments (Ringo only had a snare drum, rather than a full drum set), and all were posed in the standard stances that their fans could even recognize in silhouette. John Lennon is unusually pictured playing his acoustic with electronic pickups, rather than the more famous Rickenbacker of his early days. Today the Paul and Ringo figures are the most commonly found of the set of four, with George being much more difficult and John being the toughest of them all.

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