May 01, 2013

New Look for Miniatures Wargames Magazine

Miniature Wargames Magazine has a new look and now incorporates Battlegames magazine under the new name Miniatures Wargames with Battlegames. Published continuously since 1983, Miniature Wargames is the world’s best-selling independent wargames magazine. View Issue 361

A cool article in the latest issue is Zinnkrieg! The allure of two-dimensional gaming using 30mm German flats or Zinnfiguren. "you want old school? I give you old school!" Guardian footie columnist and much-loved Achtung Schweinehund! author Harry Pearson reveals his passion for German flats and the search for the ultimate set of old school rules to use them. 

We here at MTSC are very partial to Flats as we are the exclusive retailer for Two Trees Miniatures. Have a Look at our Two Trees listings

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