May 19, 2013

New at MichToy Linear-B 1/72 Scale Plastic Figures

Linear-B 1/72 scale plastic figures (imported from Germany) are commissioned by Linear-B and manufactured by Strelets for exclusive distribution by Linear-B. The first several releases cover the unique Ancient Roman daily life and also includes two sets covering the Spartacus Uprising. Expected sometime this summer, Linear-B is working on a new set entitled 'Henry VIII Tudors', which which will launch a new collection of elite renaissance civilian figures.

Linear-B Now Available at MTSC
LNR-002 Roman Port 
LNR-003 Roman Tavern 
LNR-004 Roman Construction 
LNR-005 Roman Valetudinarium (Hospital) 
LNR-006 Spartacus Uprising Defeat 
LNR-007 Roman Legion on the March 
LNR-116 Roman Transport 1 
LNR-M072 Roman Market 
LNR-M073 Spartacus Uprising

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