March 11, 2014

MichToy's Links & Web Gems: The HerseyBrush World

A must stop for any serious braille (small scale) modeler is the website HeresyBrush a.k.a Ruben Torregrosa. This guy is... to put it simple an amazing and talented painter and he absolutely has no problem sharing his techniques with the world! His site is packed with tips and tutorials covering just about everything from masking to modulation to weathering effects  and so much more. His work has been featured in countless magazines such as Breaking War, The Weathering Magazine, Wargames Soldiers & Strategy and he has collaborated with many many miniature companies. He is the featured painter in our best selling book PaintingWAR. I could go on and on but it's easier if you just follow our Links & Web Gems Below. 

Check out this Spanish Civil War Panzer 1 platoon by Minairon Miniatures painted by Heresy Brush and weathered using AK Interactive products. Even at 1/00th scale you can get amazing results

The HerseyBrush World
HerseyBrush Modeling and Painting Blog
HerseyBrush on Facebook
HerseyBrush on You Tube

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