May 16, 2013

American Uncivil War Now at MTSC!

We are now stocking the American Uncivil War, straight out of the pages of History AND the silver screens of Hollywood! Inspired by the films of John Ford and classics like Gone with the Wind, The Horse Soldiers, The Great Locomotive Chase, and Shenandoah, American Uncivil War captures the spirit of these films with miniature games staged on the fringes of the American Civil War. Spies, raiders, foraging parties, missions behind enemy lines, bushwhackers, deserters and a host of other scenarios can be played out. It’s a role-playing skirmish game with figures overflowing with character and it puts a whole new spin on gaming this period.

The initial release includes:
AOW-AUW011 American Uncivil War Rulebook 
AOW-AUW001 Damn Dirty Yankees 
AOW-AUW002 Sons of the South 
AOW-AUW003 Blown by the Breeze 
AOW-AUW004 Ragged Rebels Skirmishing 
AOW-AUW005 Ragged Rebels Marching 
AOW-AUW007 Fearless Federalists 
AOW-AUW008 Despicable Deserters
AOW-AUW009 Saw Bones and Medics 
AOW-AUW010 Union Skirmishers with Repeaters 
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