April 01, 2013

Product Spotlight: Figure International Magazine Issue 45

FIM is the only English language magazine devoted to historical (and some fantasy) figure painting and construction. With an expanded and redesigned format starting with this issue, you get many how to articles (8 in this issue alone) and features. This is now the premier bi-monthly publication for historical figures.  Jammed packed with tips and ideas the will appeal to any level of modeler, FIM gets the MTSC Recommended Product Spotlight**

This issue features:
- Wild Bill Hickok Painting How to by Julio Carbos
- Sculpting a 1/9th scale Mongol Warrior Bust by Greeny Ahn
- Painting a Mayan Warrior Flat by Penny Meyer
- Painting a 1/10th Scale Bust The Chosen few by Jin Kim
- Interview with Life Miniatures Sang-Eon Lee
- Painting a 1/10th bust Waffen-SS Bust Step-by-Step by Sang-Eon Lee
- Simulating Transparencies in Figures by Mario Ocana
- Legends of the Samurai by Hiroyyki Suyahara
- Painting How To Knight of Santiago Fantasy Figure by John Harrison
- Step by Step Indian Trapper by Julio Ca
rbos  Watch The Video!  
- Painting How To-  Knight of Santiago Fantasy Figure by John Harrison
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