April 27, 2013

MTSC FIGURE OF THE WEEK #11: Elastolin Composition Conversions by Olaf Wunder

This week's figures come from Olaf Wunder of Hamburg, German with some fantastic Elastolin composition conversions: “I made by myself out of old damaged Elastolin figures. I am little bit proud of it."

First one: General Custer on horseback with rapier. I used a damaged figure "cowboy with lasso" (pictured) and I have changed hat and arms, put him a sword in his right hand. Finally I painted him as a US-General of 19th century. He is riding a Lineol horse which is original. 

Second: his "enemy". For this indian I used two damaged Elastolin indian figures. In his hand a booty-US-flag (29 stars). Notice the horse: It is an old Elastolin horse, but I have changed the posture and it has got a new saddle. I think it looks very dynamic. Off course the painting is handmade by me.

These are great figures, and we even have one more...
“I have made this figure by myself out of an old and damaged bison from Elastolin, and also damaged Elastolin Indian (original he is not a rider and he has a tomahawk in his hand) and a damaged Lineol horse, which I changed totally.” If any collector is interesting in my work, [here is] my email address: olafwunder@aol.com”
What a great conversion figures! Thanks Olaf.

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