March 15, 2013

War of 1812 Highlights Latest Armies In Plastic Releases

Two conflicts that are over looked by toy soldier manufactures get the Armies in Plastic treatment. AIP adds to their existing sets from The War of 1812 and The Spanish American War with five new releases along with five more sets from WWI and the Boxer Rebellion. AIP offer great value, cover obscure conflicts and armies and are great for school projects. 

March AIP Releases:
AIP-5609 WWI French Canadian (C.E.F.) 22nd Battalion-Infantry
AIP-5611 Spanish American War 1898 - Cuban Insurrectos
AIP-5612 Spanish American War 1898 - Spanish Regular Infantry - Spanish Army
AIP-5613 Russo-Japanese War 1904 - 1905 - Japanese Army - Summer Dress
AIP-5614 Boxer Rebellion - Japanese Army - Winter Dress
AIP-5615 WWI - Japanese Army - Khaki Dress
AIP-5616 War of 1812 - American Army
AIP-5617 War of 1812 - British Army - Waterloo 1815
AIP-5618 War of 1812 American Army Battle of Chippawa

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