March 12, 2013

Toys in the Attic Marx Giant Blue & Gray Battle Set

My Dad, whose is now 91, and Mom gave me a giant set of Civil War toy soldiers for Christmas back in 1962. It was the 54mm Marx Giant Blue & Gray playset which I believe they bought at the local Montgomery Wards store, which my Mom frequented in those long ago days. As a kid I played with them extensively and lost parts of the set in my outdoor “wargaming” activities. Each year thereafter I couldn't wait for the Sears or 'Monkey Wards' toy catalogs to arrive so I could carefully plan out my playset requests for Santa that year. I still have the set although it has been extensively rebuilt over the years.  

Have a favorite toy from the past?  Send it to us with a brief description and reason it's your favorite and we will post it here.

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