August 25, 2013

Four New WWII 1/72nd Scale Figure Sets from Heller

Heller of France has released four new World War II 1/72nd scale plastic figure sets.

HLR-49601 1/72 US Infantry
HLR-49602 1/72 French Infantry
HLR-49603 1/72 Russian Infantry
HLR-49604 1/72 British Infantry

These sets are a strange hybrid of all new poses and several in each set copied from original ESCI figures with the French set even having several poses from Pegasus Hobbies. Since the molds and therefore the sprues and  are new these are not reissues from the original molds. Perhaps they were saving money on development and sculpting. Perhaps this was done as some sort of arrangement with ESCI. Either way it's an interesting batch of old & new WWII figures.

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