February 16, 2013

FIGURE OF THE WEEK 15feb2013: Andy Gard ACW

This week we feature a cannoneer who has suffered some sort of leg injury causing him to have his leg put in a splint but has not put him out of action. The figure is from Andy Gard. The small company was known primarily for battery operated, remote controlled trucks. (Remote controlled in that it was run by a short cord connecting vehicle to steering mechanism.) But they also made a short run of figures from the Civil War, Cowboys & Indians, G.I.s and Small Dogs with kennel truck. 
This is one of ten different poses the company did in 60mm and each pose was produced in Blue and Gray plastic. These were sold in bagged sets with a header card in most 5 & Dime stores in the 1960s. The imaginative sculpting on these figures is among the best ever done for injected molded plastic figures and the limits imposed the molding process. Time was when folks thought the Andy Gard ACW figures were produced by Ideal but this has since been disproved. 

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