January 02, 2013

Picture of the Week 01jan2013

Little Wars, by H.G. Wells.
"a game for boys from twelve years of age to one hundred and fifty and for that more intelligent sort of girl who likes boys' games and books"

Everyone knows H.G. Wells, right? The Sci-Fi author who wrote War of the Worlds? Well, aside from all that end-of-the-earth stuff, he also played with toy soldiers with his kids. And then he wrote two books on it, Little Wars, and Floor Games. A game, an illustrated historical text, and a humorous read all in one!
H.G. Wells took his hobby of wargaming very seriously, as shown by the photos of Edwardian gentlemen crouched or lying prone on the lawn ready to "kill" each other's toy soldiers. The book consists of explanations of how he and his friends developed their game rules, the game rules themselves, variations on the rules for indoor and outdoor games, suggestions on toy soldiers and the construction of buildings and other game pieces, a demonstration game, and suggested expansions on the rules. Photos and hilarious little drawings accompany all these and during the demo game Wells "transforms" himself into his imagined soldierly counterpart, the fierce mustachioed General H.G.W. of the Blue Army.
Link to View more images and the The Project Gutenberg EBook of Little Wars

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  1. I've been and H.G. Wells fan since my first book by him when I was 11, but I never know of this aspect of him. Thanks!