January 22, 2013

MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHTS: Weathering Brush Set for Pigments

Weathering Brush Set for Pigments 

One of our best sellers...
Use This Special Brush Set To Apply Weathering Pigments, Pastels and Powders to Perfection! 
This 6-piece set of specialty brushes includes goat- and pony-hair bristles in the texture, stiffness and contour needed for perfect weathering powder application. The brush tips pick up just the right amount of powder and distribute it just where you want it. Then, use the large brush to blend powders right on the model for maximum realism. Use the foam applicator for spot application of washes that simulate the effects of rain water. Packed in a snap-shut soft nylon case, which not only protects the brushes from damage, but also prevents residual weathering powders from soiling other tools.

View & Order MCK-85197

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