January 02, 2013

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 Scale from Answers.com

One of the most confusing thing about miniatures is scale and size. Scale for toy soldiers and miniatures  is expressed as the soldier's approximate height from head to foot in millimeters. Because many figures do not stand up straight, height is usually an approximation. Standard toy soldier scale, originally adopted by W. Britain, is 54 mm (2.25 inches) or 1:32 scale. Among different manufacturers, standard scale may range from 50 mm or 1:35 scale, to 60 mm or 1:28 scale. For gamers and miniatures enthusiasts, 25 mm and even smaller scales are available. On the larger end of the scale are American Dimestore figures, and many of the toy soldiers produced in Germany, which are approximately 75 mm (3 inches) or 1:24 scale. 

An excellent list of scale model sizes, definitions and explanations listing a variety of size ratios for Scale Models, Miniature Gaming Figures and Toy Soldiers can be found by following our Link of the Week>> Scale from Answers.com

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