September 15, 2017

FARLEY'S FIGURE(S) OF THE WEEK #161: U.S. GI Sniper by Manoil

American Dimestore 
U.S. GI Sniper by Manoil. 
C. 1946. Manoil Catalog Number 45/11 (O'Briens no. M181)
This figure was one of the first produced post World War II by Manoil and is from a series of ten different figures labeled as series '45'. I have always loved the simple yet dramatic sculpting of this figure that perfectly utilizes the limitations imposed by the manufacturing process. Note the two different paint styles shown in the two examples here.

Manoil Manufacturing Company was an American metal and plastic toy company that began production in 1935 or 1936, and left the business in 1959. From June 1940 they were located on Providence Street, in Waverly, NY. Its prominence was from 1937-1941 when it produced hollowcast toysoldiers (sometimes called dimestore soldiers) along with toy airplanes and cars.

Dimestore soldiers are a name first given by collector and author Don Pielin to American made toy soldiers sold individually in five and dime stores from the 1930s to the 1950s before being replaced by plastic toy soldiers called army men. Though most figureswere hollowcast metal, composition and plastic dimestore figures were also made. The popularity of the toy soldier reflected public interest in wars around the world and America's own military preparedness of the era

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