January 19, 2013

Toys in the Attic - Johnny Seven OMA (One Man Army)

The Johnny Seven OMA (One Man Army) and quite literaly it WAS!. An awesome firearm for any would be John Rambo but predated Stallone's era by a good 3 decades or so. This rifle from hell could unleash an amazing array of seven different lethal plastic projectiles varying from little bullets to big kill everyone grenades and anti tank rockets. Anyone who had a kid with one of these in their team whilst playing war would no doubt be victorious. The leader of any opposing team might just as well give up.

Topper Toys released the Johnny Seven in 1964 and immediately every boy wanted one. It was beyond  cool, it was a One Man Army and it said so on the stock ‘Johnny Seven OMA’. Why Johnny Seven? I’ll tell you, seven weapons in one stupendous toy gun. There was a grenade launcher, anti-tank missile, bunker buster missile, armour-piercing shell which shared the launcher with the bunker buster, sprung loaded gizmo that produced a tommy gun sound, bolt action rifle, and detachable cap gun pistol. One of the schoolboy/playground chants of the sixties was ‘Who won the war, in nineteen sixty-four’? I’ll tell you who; anyone with a Johnny Seven.

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