January 20, 2013

Channel Surfing Pays Off...James May's Toy Stories

This weekend while channel surfing I came across a cool program on BBC America. The show is called James May's Toy Stories. It is a show form the UK where James May is out to prove why traditional, old fashioned toys are still relevant today when he pushes them to the limit in spectacular, supersize challenges. Although the show is several years old it was new to me. The premise of the 6-part show was to bring favourite toys of the past into the modern era, by using the toys in real life large scale enterprises. In each episode, he also explores the history of each toy. 

   This episode was titled Airifx in which he builds a full-sized (1:1) model kit right down to the actual sprues of a WWII Spitfire fighter plane, using the plastic moulding and assembly technique used in the Airfix self-assembly plastic toy scale model range while enlisting a group of 13 year old school children to help in an attempt to show them the joys of modeling. He even attempts to get the kids to build either a Airfix 1/72 scale Chieftain or a T-60 tank kit and also takes them out to see a real one in action. A great show full of fun and fascinating facts about Airfix, modeling (or the decline of it), the Spitfire and toys in general.  Check it out on You Tube you won't be sorry.

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