December 30, 2012

FIGURE OF THE WEEK 28dec2012: The Sultan by C.B.G. Mignot of France

The Sultan by C.B.G. Mignot of France, circa 1950s, Solid Lead 54mm Figure
This week’s offering comes from the French maker C.B.G. Mignot. We choose this figure for the last week before the New Year because he is all dressed up and ready for the New Years Eve party and sports the one of the greatest party hats ever.

Mignot is the oldest toy soldier company still in operation. Known as Mignot to the English speaking world, it's known in France as C.B.G only or "Cebege". Partners Cuperly, Blondel and Gerbau trademarked the name C.B.G. in 1872. In 1875 they produced the first 55mm fully round figure for the market. The company has been producing figures in this scale ever since. 

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