November 03, 2012

Perry Miniatures Announce New 28mm Plastic Sets

Perry Miniatures has announced that the next set of 28mm plastic figures will be American Civil War Confederate Infantry 1862-65 and will be available by mid-December! There will be caps and slouch hats for all to be equipped with either. Equally, like the Zouave set, there will be enough arms to have all the figures at the charge or at ‘right shoulder shift'. 

Other announced plastic include their first WWII figures  covering the war in Africa. No release dates have been posted but look for these in early 2013.

WWII German Akfricakorps
These are six of 14 different torsos that will make up the box set.
The box will contain enough figures for a Zug or Platoon plus command section and support. They will have separate arms, where possible attached to weapons as well as separate headwear. There will be enough steel helmets for all as well as half the amount of tropical cork helmets and field caps. As well as Africa they could be used for Italy and other Mediterranean campaigns.

WWII British 8th Army
These are the 14 different torsos that will be in the forthcoming box. The box will be made up of three sections, command and support (2”mortar, Boyes AT rifle and extra Bren). As with the Africakorps arms and helmets are separate. There will also be a choice of additional heads on the frame, which will be SAS/Long Range Desert Group. The figures could also be used in parts of the Italian campaign

American War of Independence 1776-81
These are the first in the AWI plastic series there will be American militia and Continentals too. Shown here are just four out of the five figures for the infantry sprue, the command sprue will probably contain 6 figures. The figures are depicted in cut-down coats and one piece overalls which serves them for the 1776-81 period. All the figures will have a choice of three pieces of head gear, fully cocked, slouch/half cocked hats and the ‘Saratoga’ cut down hat which should cover most theatres of campaign in America.

The hats rather than the heads (which are attached to the bodies) are separate as this is the best way to get the proper shape when tooling them in plastic. Three types of head gear are all that will fit on the frame, in case you were thinking why not make grenadier or light infantry heads. As these last two troop types had their hair clubbed as opposed to a simple queue for the centre companies which would need to be carved off. It maybe something I could do as an additional sprue later on……

They’re carrying the regulation kit including the tumplines (rolled blankets), which would have been the typical look of British infantry in America. The choice of arms include the ‘at trail’ pose which again was typical of troops moving through a mostly wooded terrain. They will also all get arms for a more aggressive charging unit.

There will be five infantry bodies with fixed heads and separate headgear and six command bodies, plus two casualties.

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