November 06, 2012

Now at MichToy Battle Buckets of Plastic Soldiers

The playset is arguably the greatest present ever invented and just in time for the Holidays we have a new selection of Battle Bucket Playsets chock-full of cool soldiers and other assorted goodies to start you on your playing/collecting ways. Each comes in a clear 7" plastic bucket.
BBF-00632 Battle Bucket - Knights, Crusaders, Saracens 57 pcs.
BBF-00633 Battle Bucket - Vikings 50pcs.
BBF-44501 Battle Bucket - American Civil War 73 pcs. 
BBF-42501 Battle Bucket - Wild West Cowboys And Indians 104 pcs. 
BBF-43501 Battle Bucket - Pirates 52 pcs. 
BBF-46010 Battle Bucket - Space Exploration Bucket O' Fun
BBF-40501 Battle Bucket - Attack Force World War II 202 pcs.
BBF-40502 Battle Bucket - Combat Force World War II 110 pcs.
BBF-00635 Battle Bucket - Sea, Space, Fire and Police 202 pcs.

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