November 21, 2012

Link of the Week 16nov2012 Alan and Marion Ball. Sculptor and Painter Respectively

MB Miniatures- Alan and Marion Ball.
A site full of inspiration to all figure painters, sculptors and modelers. 

About the Balls:
We are Marion Ebensperger-Ball , a painter, and Alan Ball , a sculptor. We have both been involved in the making and painting of Miniature Figurines for several years and have exhibited in both Europe and the USA. Originally from Liverpool in the UK, Alan started modelling a long, long time ago and has also won medals at various shows in Europe and the USA, he also works for several companies as a sculptor, producing masters figures for companies like United Empire Miniatures, Michael Roberts, Corgi, William Britains Toy Soldiers , Meteor production, Seil Models, Der Bunte Rock, Golden Helmet amongst others. He has also made many pieces for individuals and collections, producing original figures both for people to paint themselves, and for Marion to paint as a finished article for collectors. We share a workroom and spend most of our days sitting at two converted computer tables , one full of paints and brushes , and one with modelling putties and sculpting tools.

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