October 28, 2012

Osprey Myths and Legends - the new series Coming 2013

The Myths and Legends series examines the great stories that have echoed down through time and have helped to shape our cultures. Each title in the series focuses on a specific legendary figure, such as King Arthur, or upon a collection of myths, like dragonslayers, and presents their story in a straightforward, entertaining style. Alongside the narrative is factual information about the history behind the stories and how these legends have developed and changed over time. The books contain our usual array of fabulous artwork - and yes, that does include Peter Dennis inking pictures of St. George attacking a dragon!
There are six titles already commissioned in the series, and here they are:
MYTH 1: Jason and the Argonauts (Mar 2013)
MYTH 2: Dragonslayers (Mar 2013)
MYTH 3: The War of Horus and Set (May 2013)
MYTH 4: King Arthur (Jul 2013)
MYTH 5: Thor (Sep 2013)
MYTH 6: Hercules (Nov 2013)

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