November 17, 2015

FIGURE OF THE WEEK #92: ATLANTIC COWBOY, 60mm Plastic Circa 1970s

ATLANTIC COWBOY, 60mm Plastic Circa 1970s
If it's Tuesday then it's time for the Art of the Toy Soldier. This week’s offering comes from accomplish toy soldier author, painter and historian Tom Stark. A regular contributor to Playset and Plastic Warrior magazines as well as our blog and the owner of Two Trees miniatures, Tom knows his stuff so let’s see what he has to say: 

This is an Atlantic soft plastic cowboy of 1970s-80s vintage. Atlantic was an Italian maker producing most all of their figures in both 60 and 25mm (1/72nd scale). In their 60mm themed western sets you would typically get between 8 to 12 unique poses and often some accompanying accessory pieces. Typically mounted figures were separate from their horses but not this poor fellow. Measuring about 8 inches long it is an excellent example of how a talented sculptor could create a figure full of motion before the days of multi-piece figures glued together after molding. This one comes from from the ultra cool OutLaws & Sherriff's set.

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  1. Great figure! And great set! Definitely one of the best in Atlantic, both in 1:32 scale as in 1:72.

    I like this section of your blog! We also have a "figure of the week", but only on a small scale figures. Both contemporary brands like Zvezda, Caesar..., as old brands like EKO, Montaplex, ... :

    Best regards from Barcelona, Spain