November 22, 2017


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As Thanksgiving approaches what better way to honor the main course then with MTSC's coveted FOTW award. What we have here is a vintage 54mm hollowcast turkey which was part of the Britain's Farm range circa 1950s. Runner up in a close race is the turkey from Lineol. Produced in Germany, this 7cm composition figure hails from the 1930s. 

Thanksgiving… Not a good day to be my pants! Kevin James
Britains 54mm Turkey

Lineol 7cm composition Turkey

November 21, 2017

MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: History Works/Perry Miniatures ACW Figures

From History Works comes a new series of prepainted figures and scenic accessories based on the Perry Miniatures American Civil War range of metal figures. Produced under license from Perry these 28mm figures are hand-poured in metal and hand-painted with shading and highlighting to give them the realistic look and feel of battle tested units. They come packaged in a closed box with protective foam inserts and a full color image of the figures. Each set of figures is painted to an elite wargame standard. The command sets have a sheet of flags to choose from so you can make almost any Confederate State Regiment and many Union State and Regular Regiments.


Whether you are an historical gamer or a collector of military miniatures this new range offers a new way to create dioramas or a ready to play wargame army. Averaging about six dollars per figure these figures are 10% of the cost of current 1:30th scale figures making them an appealing and affordable entry into the world of historical miniatures.
Download a Product PDF HERE
Series 1 Available Now
HWP-ACW50001 Confederate Command Set Advancing #1
HWP-ACW50008 Confederate Infantry Marching Set #1
HWP-ACW50025 Confederate Infantry Marching Set #2
HWP-ACW50023 Confederate Battery in Action - Firing 12 Pd. Napoleon

HWP-ACW50018 Union Command Set Advancing #1
HWP-ACW50015 Union Infantry Marching Set #1
HWP-ACW50016 Union Infantry Marching Set #2
HWP-ACW50024 Union Battery in Action - Firing 12 Pd. Napoleon

HWP-ACW55006 18th/19th Century - The Bryan House - Gettysburg
HWP-ACW55007 18th/19th Century - The Bryan Barn - Gettysburg
HWP-ACW55000 18th/19th Century - Turnpike Fence

Series 2 Available February 2018
HWP-ACW50002 Confederate Command Set Firing Line
HWP-ACW50004 Confederate Infantry Firing Line Set #1
HWP-ACW50003 Confederate Infantry Firing Line Set #2
HWP-ACW50022 Confederate Battery in Action Moving Up 10 Pound Parrott Gun

HWP-ACW50017 Union Command Set Firing Line
HWP-ACW50012 Union Infantry Firing Line Set #1
HWP-ACW50013 Union Infantry Firing Line Set #2

HWP-ACW55010 Evergreen Cemetery Gate - Gettysburg
HWP-ACW55003 18th/19th Century Outbuildings Set #3 - Kitchen
HWP-ACW55008 18th/19th Century Outbuildings Set #1 - Woodshed and Smokehouse

View the Entire History Works/Perry Miniatures Range HERE

History Works/Perry Miniatures Product Slideshow↓


MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: American Civil War Farmhouse Battle 1864 1:72nd Scale Battle Set

Diorama Set: Farmhouse Battle American Civil War 1864

Farmhouse Battle - American Civil War 1864 (ref. 6179)The Civil War Farmhouse Battle Set contains a MDF House,  Barn and accessories. Figures include Union Infantry, Union Cavalry, Union Artillery Set, Confederate Infantry, Confederate Cavalry. All mdf parts are in kit form and will need to be assembled. The picture illustrates how the model should look once completed. Glue and paint are not included in the kit.

Italeri Battle Sets:
The Italeri Battle Set series contains everything you need to create dioramas for school projects, displays or gaming. Each self contained set includes figures, vehicles (where prudent) and scenic accessories and buildings that are exclusive to each set. These are also great gateway to the world of collecting 1/72nd scale figures.
#6111 Battle at La Haye Sainte: Waterloo 1815-2015 Anniversary Battle Set 
#6113 WWII Battle of Bastogne December 1944 Battle Set 
#6114 Battle Of Rorkes Drift Battle Set 
#6115 Pax Romana  Battle Set 
#6116 WWII Operation Cobra Battle Set
#6118 WWII Battle Of Arras 1940 - Rommel's Offensive Battle Set
#6180 The Last Outpost 1754-1763 French & Indian War Battle Set
#6179 American Civil War Farmhouse Battle Set (December 2017 release)
#6181 WWII El Alamein The Railway Station Battle Set
# 6182 WWII Battle at Malinava 1944 Battle Set (Future release)
View to Order HERE

El Alamein The Railway Station Battle Set

El Alamein The Railway Station Battle (ref. 6181)
El Alamein is one of the most famous battles in the Second World War fought between the British forces, led by Lieutenant-General Bernard Law Montgomery, and the Axis forces, led by Field Marshall Erwin Rommel. After the penetration of the German and Italian Forces in Egypt, based on  the precise goal to advance up to the Suez Canal, the British Army started to adopt a  strategic plan based on the prevention of further enemy advancing toward the cities of Alexandria and Cairo. The Axis long supply lines and the lack of reinforcements, joined to the 8th Army superiority in men and vehicles, were the assumptions for the Montgomery’s great offensive successfully launched on 23rd October 1942 (codename Lightfoot). El Alamein was a turning point of the North African campaign bringing, in May 1943, to the Italian-German forces capitulation in Tunisia.
The El Alamein The Railway Station Battleset features a railway station with water tank and tracks plus 100 British and German figures, a Panzer IV, a Sherman, an Italian heavy gun, and a Morris Quad Tractor with 25 pounder gun.
The Last Outpost 1754-1763 French & Indian War Battle Set

The Last Outpost 1754-1763 French & Indian War (ref. 6180)
The Seven Years' War took place between 1756 and 1763 and involved all the European military powers of the time. It was considered,  by many historians,  as the first world war due to the fact that it spanned several Continents, affecting the Colonies owned by European States. In detail the French and Indian War comprised the North America theater where the Royal French troops, flanked by various indigenous forces allied with them, fought against the British Army and the Thirteen British American Colonies troops. Both armies moved quickly in order to capture and destroy enemy forts and settlements located along the frontiers. The war was very tough due to the severe operational environment and due to the ferocity of the fighting. The war was ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris, on February 1763, where Britain gained the control of the French Colonies in North America. 
The Last Outpost contains
MDF Fort with blockhouse, bridge, watchtower and accessories
32x American Infantry
17x British Cavalry
49x French Infantry
16x Indian Warriors

WWII 1940 Battle Of Arras - Rommel's Offensive Battle Set (ref. ITA-6118)
The Battle of Arras took place in Arras, in northeastern France, and was an Allied counter-attack against the German Army, an attempt of British and French armies to stop the Wehrmacht advance toward the English Channel. The division of the British “Frankforce” used two regiments of Matilda tanks, heavily armored for those days, as backbone of the offensive during the battle. However, the Allied offensive was shattered against the determined resistance of the 7th Panzer Division, commanded by General Erwin Rommel, which, despite the suffered losses, strongly kept the position. Rommel, as German anti-tank guns were ineffective, used field Artillery and “flak” guns to knock out the British tanks. After the tactical defeat of Arras, the British troops retreated to the English Channel an started up the code-named Operation Dynamo to evacuate French territories. 

1940 Battle Of Arras - Rommel's Offensive Battle Set

1x MDF House
1x MDF Shop
42x British Infantry
50x German Infantry
 2x Matilda II tank
1x 8.8 cm Flak 37 AA Gun w/crew
1x Sd.Kfz.250/3

WWII Operation Cobra Battle Set (ref. ITA-6116)
After the success of Operation Overlord and the consolidation of the bridgehead on the beaches of Normandy, it was essential to achieve by the Allied troops, a significant penetration through the German defenses. Operation Cobra was the codename of the offensive, planned by Lieutenant General Omar Bradley, that had the goal to break the German defense line around St.Lo and advance towards Brittany and the Seine. The Operation Cobra began on 25th July 1944 with a heavy aerial bombardment and was followed by intense fighting in the difficult terrain of the Norman countryside. The “bocage” created a lot of constraints to the armored vehicles and to the infantry movements
 WWII Operation Cobra Battle Set includes:
- 2 French houses (2 modular element) 
- German Paratroopers (32 figures) 
- Pz. Kpfw. V Panther Ausf.G 
- SD.KFZ.251/1 
- U.S. Infantry (32 figures) 
- Sherman M4A3 76MM 
- M3 Half Track

Pax Romana Diorama Battleset (ref. ITA-6115)
During the first Century B.C. a long period of internal civil wars declared the end of the Roman Republic and it laid the foundation for the birth of the Roman Empire.  During the first Century exceptional political and military leaders, as Julius Caesar, wrote impressive historical pages thanks to military campaigns that expand the Roman border towards more and more distant frontiers. The most famous campaign, well described directly by Julius Cesar in his “De Bello Gallico”, was conducted against the Gauls led by Vercingetorix and ended with the Roman victory at Alesia in 52 BC. The effectiveness and organization of the roman legions triumphed over the courage of the Celtic warriors. The military campaigns had gradually expanded the Roman borders until arriving in Britain and on the "Limes" of the Rhine river.  However the Romans brought  in the conquered lands, a political, legislative and cultural model completely new and innovative who contributed, for several years, to achieve a stable and definitely evolved social system.
Pax Romana Battle Set includes:
A Roman Villa
Roman Infantry (36 figures)
Roman Cavalry (16 figures)
Celtic Warriors (42 figures)
Celtic Cavalry (15 figures)

Battle Of Rorke's Drift Diorama Battleset (ref. ITA-6114)
Rorke's Drift was a British garrison located between the colony of Natal and the Zulu Kingdom. In this location the famous battle between 140 British and colonial troops and more than 4,000 Zulu warriors, led by Prince Dabulamanzi,  took place on 22nd and 23rd January 1879 during the Anglo-Zulu War. Substantially Rorke’s Drift was a British outpost formed by several buildings, including a hospital and a supply depot, that the British troops fortified with a defensive perimeters made with every kind of materials including furniture and supplies. The strengthen outpost had to resist to the overwhelming Zulu forces. The Zulus were in fact a formidable enemy in the open fields as they proved during the recent battle of Isandhlwana where they defeated the British Empire troops.  At 4 p.m. the Zulu attack against the British fortified perimeter of Rorke's Drift began. The battle was fierce. The intensive fire of rifles and the close combat with spears and bayonets last many hours. However just before dawn, on 23rd January, the Zulu forces retreated. The outpost of Rorke's Drift was defended courageously by British troops. Eleven Victoria Crosses were awarded to the defenders, along with a number of other decorations and honours.which features Rorke's Drift during the Zulu War of 1879 with 130+ figures and accessories. The set includes both the hospital and the supply depot made of laser cut MDF with etched details. The roofs are removable and have interior walls.

Battle Of Rorke's Drift Battleset includes:
Rorke’s Drift Supply Depot
Rorke’s Drift  Hospital
Zulu Warriors (96 Figures)
British Infantry (40 Figures)
Stone Walls, Brick Walls And Sand Bags

Battle of Bastogne December 1944 Battle Set (ref. ITA-6113) On December 16th, 1944 the German Army launched through the thick Ardennes' forest in Belgium, a great offensive which had the code name " Wacht am Rhein" ( Operation guarding the Rhine ). During this operation the town of Bastogne and its surroundings where encircled by the German troops. Inside the pocket around 15.000 American soldiers stood up to the repeated assaults of the German army for approximately ten days. The legendary resistance was that of the US 101st Airborne division inside the town. On December 22nd the General von Luttwitz , who was the German commander, submitted a demand for surrender to the encircled units. The answer of the American commander in Bastogne, Brigadier General Anthony McAuliffe was "NUTS". Then, Germans renew their attacks trying to occupy the city but without getting results. On December 26th some soldiers of the General George Patton's Third Army reached the besieged troops, breaking the siege and evacuating the wounded. The American Army lost more than 3.000 soldiers during this battle.

Battle of Bastogne Battle Set Contains :
Wrecked house
Walls and ruins
Battlefield accessories
German infantry : 24 figures - Winter uniform
U.S. infantry : 36 figures - Winter uniform
Sherman M4A3E2 Jumbo
Sherman M4A3 76mm
Pz. Kpfw. VI Tiger Ausf.
Pak 40 AT Gun with 6 crew figures
8.8 cm Flak 37 AA Gun

Battle at La Haye Sainte: Waterloo 1815-2015 (ref. ITA-6111). From 16th to 18th June the French troops and the Allied troops clashed on battlefields of Belgium. The battles of Ligny and Quatre Bras were only the proem of the most famous and well-known battle of the military history. A date and a place : 18th June 1815, Waterloo. Wellington considered the farm of La Haie Sainte a strategic point of his defensive line. In the afternoon, Napoleon ordered to Marshal Ney to launch the assault to the farm in order to obtain a significant outpost. The farm was strenuously defended by Allied troops, that had fortified the buildings since the morning. The clash was fierce and the French troops, supported by artillery, were able to conquer La Haie Sainte only in the late afternoon. At 7 p.m. , thanks to the strategic value of the farm, the French Imperial Guard can start the assault but it is too late. Prussian troops leaded by Blucher, vainly searched by Marshal Grouchy, break on the battlefield to support British Army. 

Battle at La Haye Sainte: Waterloo 1815 Set Contains : 
Contains: La Haye Saite: Walls, House and Gate (Laser ciut MDF material)
French infantry x 32 figures
British 95th Rgt.”Green Jackets” x 32 figures
British infantry 1815 x 32 figures
French Imperial Guard Artillery x 4 guns & crews

Add-on sets: ITA-6176 La Haye Sainte Stables ITA-6175 La Haye Sainte Barn
View to Order HERE

November 20, 2017

TRENCH RUNNER REVIEW: Nathan Hutchison Looks at Various Water Effects

Ok folks, I have a quickie for ya. Thanks to Michigan Toy Soldier Co. I’ve been granted the privilege to test and compare some “water-effect” products. The first test and comparison is between two, single-component, self leveling acrylic liquids. The second is between three acrylic gels.
First comes the liquid acrylics. Left is Still Water from AK Interactive, and the right is Aqua Magic from Deluxe Materials. What these products intend, is to allow the user to create a smooth, still-water effect, in thin coats, with a 1-part solution that is meant to alleviate the hassle of mixing two-part epoxies. Just straight from the bottle. My pre-considerations for these products were: One, will it lay flat, smooth and clear? Two, will it bubble? And three, will it shrink when drying? I tested both items using the same control – a clear, plastic cup, with a stick glued to the middle to gauge fill height, clarity, and how well it formed around objects.↓

Both products are recommended to be poured in thin, 3mm depths, to achieve a smooth and even finish. Both require an 24-48hour drying time, as well. AK interactive comes in at 250ml, while Deluxe comes in at half the quantity, at 125

Here they are, side-by-side after one 3mm pour. (To gauge the depth, I used a metric ruler).↓
DM= Deluxe Materials, AK=AKInteractive

You can see that the AK Interactive is bubbling. I’m not sure how that comes to be, but it’s a big red flag, considering bubbles are un-intended for the product’s designed function, and the bubbles can be difficult to pop, due to the nature of the liquid. I tried poking them with my Exacto Knife, only to have them split into smaller bubbles. Deluxe is a bit more thick, and lays a bit better than the AK, at first pour. I let these two sit for 24 hours, before I examined them.
After 24 hours, here is what I got from AK.↓

This is no good. The bubbles did not settle as I hoped they would, and the liquid has shrunk and condensed a bit – you can tell from the striations around the bottom of the cup.

Below is Deluxe at 24 hours.↓

 Deluxe has dried nicely, formed well around the stick, and did not seem to shrink at all. There is a tiny bubble, but its hardly noticeable.

   At this point, I’m already going to recommend Deluxe. Yes, it is half the quantity, for a similar cost…but it performs. AK already isn’t holding up to it’s design. Because, if you leave the pour clear, then the shrink marks will be visible, and if you don’t, the shrinkage and bubbling will make you work harder to achieve the flat, smooth finish it advertises. AK just won’t deliver like Deluxe will, period. But, just for good measure, I did another pour and let them sit for 48 hours. AK is directly below.↓

More bubbling and shrinkage from AK. Also, the material seems to be “cupping” a bit. Meaning, the interior of the pour is sinking and shrinking slightly, making an indent in the middle.

 …and Deluxe.↓
Deluxe’s sat on itself well, leveled nicely, and has the intended volume. It did seem to shrink ever so slightly, but again, hardly noticeable.

The answer is clear here, Deluxe Aqua Magic is far-and-away the superior product.

Alright, now we are onto the Acrylic Gels.↓
So here is the thing about these products, they are all Acrylic Gels, packaged with the intention to use for “active” water effects. These heavy-body gels can be smeared, pasted, stippled, layered, etc to achieve any “active” water feature and effect. They all do this competently, are practically the exact same product, and have only the slightest differences. One being viscosity. These are the same products with just slightly different base viscosity’s. Woodland Scenics is the thickest, then comes Vallejo, and Deluxe last. That’s it. That’s all. But, just to give a performance visual, I glued some rocks to some bases, and plastered some product on each of them.

Here they are. All products will dry as you lay it, and all three shrink very little. I’ve labeled the bases with the starting letter from the companies title. “D” for Deluxe Materials "Making Waves", “V” for Vallejo "Water Effects" , and “W” for the Woodland Scenics "Water Effects". You can tell the viscosity differences from the photo. From left to right, one just has a bit more “body” out of the jar, than the other.↓

Below shows them after about 6 hours of dry time, the interior is still a bit wet, and trying to dry and set clear.↓

And below is the final result. It is a tad difficult to see, but I didn’t want to lay any color down on them because I wanted to show the product at its base function. All three dried like I laid them, all three dried clear. The thicker, the longer it takes to dry, so Woodland took the longest. But again, all of these products work exactly as they are supposed to. Now, how do you make a choice? Price? Quantity? I wouldn’t, I’m always more concerned with performance, and there are some factors that helped me make a decision for recommendation.↓

Those factors are: Deluxe dries in the jar, and Woodland clogs in the tube. Vallejo, has stayed like it was when I first opened it (6 months ago), AND it’s the mid viscosity range. Meaning its starting application, or base, is a bit more versatile. For example, if you want a slight, smoother start to a desired effect, then you’d have to work Woodland more than the others. Contrary,  if you wanted a more robust foundation, with a larger volume, then you’d have to work Deluxe more. That’s it. Those the only factors that forced a selection. All three of these products work as intended, but only Vallejo will give you the least amount of hassle, and stay fresh on the shelf.↓
Don’t bother with AK Interactive’s, Still Water. Aqua Magic from Deluxe Materials does exactly what it sets out to do. Any of the acrylics gels will give you the water effect you desire, but Vallejo is the easiest to manage and most reliable

P.S. YOU CAN MIX PAINT/INKS INTO THE LIQUID ACRYLICS TO ACHIEVED A DESIRED, COLORED EFFECT AND PAINT DIRECTLY ON BOTH, WITH NO ISSUE. I did not include examples of this because it is completely subjective, and doesn’t hinder the base properties at all. They are acrylic mediums, adding acrylic paint will do nothing but color it.

View the entire range of available water effects available from  MTSC HERE

Nathan Hutchison
Nathan is a painters painter. One of the best to grace our doors. Look for him to write reviews and how to articles on the world of miniatures. Be sure to visit his blog which was created to share Nathan's passion for miniature painting. But, he also adds...this will also be a forum for anything interesting in the world of fantasy fiction.
View Nathan's Posts on News From The Front HERE

November 17, 2017

MTSC SneaK PeeK: 1:72nd scale Plastic News!

A number of new 1/72nd scale plastic sets have been announced and are intend to be released sometime before the end of the year. 
STL-139 - WWII Japanese Type 96 AA/AT Gun
STL-152 - ACW Pickett's Charge 2
STL-153 - ACW US Infantry in Attack 2
STL-156 - ACW Confederate Infantry Standing
STL-157 - ACW US Infantry Standing
STL-162 - Napoleonic British Infantry Standing at Ease
STL-163 - Napoleonic Highlanders Standing at Ease
STL-164 - WWI Russian Civil War Red Cavalry in Summer Dress
STL-M122 - WWI Turkish Infantry in Tropical Uniform
STL-M126 - WWI Serbian Infantry in Winter Uniform
STL-M127 - WWI Arab Revolt Foot Rebels
STL-M128 - WWII Imperial Japanese Army in Attack
STL-M129 - WWII Indian Infantry Heavy Weapons
STL-M130 - WWI Polish Infantry (Blue Army)

Strelets Reissues
STL-089 French Cuirassiers in Winter Dress
STL-094 French Cuirassiers in Summer Dress
STL-105 French Cuirassiers in Attack
STL-115 Lawrence of Arabia
STL-M107 Tecumseh 1812

Hat Industrie
HTI-8159 WWI French Artillery Crew
HTI-8162 WWII French Artillery Crew
HTI-8283 Sassanid Light Cavalry
HTI-8285 Sassanid Clibanarii
HTI-8290 WWI Belgian Infantry
HTI-8291 WWI Belgian Heavy Weapons (2) & Soldiers
HTI-8309 1/72 Prussian Landwehr Marching
HTI-8310 1/72 Prussian Landwehr Action
HTI-8311 1/72 British Naval Gunner & Crew
HTI-8316 1/72 Unmarried Zulu Warriors

Waterloo 1815

WAT-AP041 Napoleonic French Foot Dragoons 
13 different poses, all dismounted