January 31, 2017

FARLEY'S FIGURE OF THE WEEK: #140 Marx Nutty Marx 'End Zone'

It's Super Bowl Week so we have chosen this classic Nutty Mad from Marx who answers to the name 'End Zone' as our latest FOTW. 

This week's figure was submitted by Walter Stamm who tells us that way back in the 1963 Marx issued four series of injection-molded polymer plastic toy figures with a total of 24 in all. Generally about 6 inches tall, each figure stands on a flat base in a fixed, "demented" pose—complete with bulging, bloodshot eyes and maniacal expression. They originally sold in five and dime stores like Woolworth's, S. S. Kresge and G. C. Murphy for 15 cents apiece. Each figure was available in a variety of colors; the current value and/or collectibility of these vintage toys is determined by the scarcity of the figure and color, as well as the overall condition. (The third series is the hardest to find—and usually the most expensive.) Their popularity led Marx to expand the product line with several similar series, including Weird-Ohs, Blame-Its and Cartoon Soldiers (commonly referred to as "Nutty Generals")

Join the Fun" Have a favorite figure? Send us a good image of it along with a brief description and become one of our Figure of the Week contributors. Email you submissions to michtoystaff@michtoy.com. If your figure is chosen you will receive a special promo code for a nice discount on your next order with us as well as our eternal gratitude. 

TOYS IN THE ATTIC: The Rattle & Hum of Electric Football and the Tudor NFL No. 620

It's Super Bowl weekend so that means it's time for another self indulgent 'Toys in the Attic' trip down memory lane for this baby boomer...so enter the world of Electric Football

The first Electric Football games were made by Tudor in 1949. The early Tru-Action No. 500’s games are very cool pieces, millions were made between 1949-61. but the heart of Electric Football collecting lies in the NFL line that Tudor* began producing in 1967 and the holy grail is the 1967 Tudor NFL No. 620 with the Browns and Giants.That year saw the introduction of three Tudor NFL Electric Football games, as well as the introduction of Tudor’s miniature mail order NFL and AFL team figures. These games, which Tudor made from 1967-69, are Electric Football classics. They are the small 26” x 16” NFL No. 510 with the Packers-Colts; the mid-size 31” x 18” Sears exclusive NFL No. 613 with the Bears-Cardinals (this was also made as a Montgomery Ward-exclusive No. 619 with the 49ers-Rams); and the large 36” x 21” NFL No. 620 game with the Browns-Giants.

It’s the Tudor NFL No. 620 which seems to be the gold-standard for Electric Football collecting. There are other Tudor NFL games that are harder to find, but this is the game that made the biggest impact on boys of the time. Maybe it was the realistic NFL Gold single-posted goal posts, or how perfect the Giants and Browns looked on the giant “grass” field, but this is the game, more than any other, that men of a certain age want to reclaim. For so many people, their lifelong devotion to the NFL started on a living room floor with a Tudor No. 620.

620’s aren’t exactly scarce but the demand is high. And like most collectibles, condition is everything. A complete game in excellent condition – no frame or field dents, all 22 NFL players, no broken players, and all the little parts like corner flags, team scoreboard names, player bases etc. – can easily exceed the $200 mark. Throw in some extra NFL teams that a kid actually ordered from Tudor, and a No. 620 can cross the $300 mark.

Tudor used the 36” x 21” 620 template from 1967-1977, including on many NFL models that were numbered something other than “620.” Not all of these large games command the same prices as an original 1967-1969 NFL 620.

The 1969 Sears Super Bowl features the Jets and the Colts. As a point of reference, a broken non-buzzing Sears SB III recently sold on eBay for $280.

DYK- In 1947, Norman Sas, owner of Tudor Metal Products and Tudor Games, created electric football. He used a vibrating car race game made by Tudor as the base and added small players which moved down the field as they vibrated.[1] It was an immediate hit. More than 40 million of the games have been sold since its creation, and new editions are sold each year.

January 30, 2017

MATT KOLTONOW'S GAME ON! February Historical Wargaming Round Up

First up are this months issues of Wargames Illustrated 351 and Wargames Soldiers and Strategies 88. Both of these issues have new army lists for the new Swordpoint Rules mentioned last month. WGI has new lists for Numidians and Seleucids and WSS has Spanish and Seleucids. Great issues throughout but fans of Gripping Beasts new Ancient rules won’t want to miss these.

Soviet Players Rejoice! New from Warlord Games this month are the Plastic KV-1/KV-2 Kit (WLG 402014001) and the metal Soviet Veterans in Snowsuits (WLG 402214001). Also Coming Soon is the first campaign book “Battle of The Bulge” (WLG 401010002). This is a campaign supplement compatible with both versions of Bolt Action. New scenarios, units, and rules are present to cover this complex series of engagements.

New from Osprey is a personal favorite, The Pikeman’s Lament (OSP-OWG19). The newest version of the very popular Lion Rampant Rules, this new ruleset covers many 17th century conflicts including; the English Civil War, Thirty Years War, the Great Northern War and many others. Using the same core engine as Lion Rampant but incorporating new rules to cover this era allows for easy pick up and great games.

Also coming this month is the new “edition” of the Battlegroup Core Rules from Plastic Soldier Company (PSC-BGK025). This is not so much a new edition of the rules as much as it is a re-formating of the rulebook according to designer Warwick Kinrade. This core rulebook is new printing of the Core Rules to replace the now out of print Core Book. In addition, it collects all the special rules into one place as well as a new campaign set in Normandy just after D-Day.

Theres a lot to look forward to in the coming months as well. The new Age of Arthur Saga Supplement Aetius & Arthur (GBP-SRB07) is expected soon. This new supplement is set in the year 410AD, comes with 6 new battle boards and requires a copy of either the core book or Crescent and Cross.

Looking down the road a little further, Perry miniatures has teased their next plastic box set; Zulu War British! These are due out at Salute (Late April) and look to be great figures. From looking through the Facebook page, It appears theres going to be parts for 2 heliograph teams, 4 casualties and a total of 38 figures


MTSC EXPANDED LOOK: : PLA Editions - Bear in the Sand: Modelling the Russian Armour in Syria and Libya

PLA Editions Bear in the Sand: Modelling the Russian Armour in Syria and Libya
132 pages, softcover, A4 Portrait
Color Pictures throughout, Text in English

The Abrams Squad team make the fifth Special issue with ten stunning articles of models in 1/35 scale: about the Russian Armour used in Syrian and Libyan current conflicts. Bear in the Sand is  filled with ten builds all from the two theatres in the title by some of the best modelers known in the hobby. Acting as a complete guide featuring ten articles with “how to build” and “how to paint” tips for the most used vehicles by the many forces that fight in Middle-East in step- by-step format. It is a book full of inspiration for all types of modelers, from beginners to advanced. The book also contains articles on how to reproduce and paint many details, compliments, figures and to set your vehicles in a scene or diorama.
Available to Order HERE

A collection of tanks, artillery, IFV and recovery tanks:
T-72 URAL - Martin Covacs
GAZ-69M -  Ken Abrams
BMP-1 - Lukasz Orzcyc-Musialek
2SU-23-4 Shilka - Chris Jerrett
T-55 w/KMT5 - Zack Sex
T-72M1 - Chris Jerrett
D-74 122mm - Anthony Guarderas
VT-55 Recovery Tank - Nacho Inigo
T-62 Diorama - Pere Pla
2S3 Akatsiya - Volker Bembennek 
T-72 URAL by Martin Covacs
GAZ-69M by Ken Abrams
BMP-1 by Lukasz Orzcyc-Musialek
2SU-23-4 Shilka by Chris Jerrett
T-55 w/KMT5 by Zack Sex
T-72M1 by Chris Jerrett
VT-55 Recovery Tank - Nacho Inigo
D-74 122mm by Anthony Guarders
T-62 Diorama by Pere Pla
2S3 Akatsiya by Volker Bembennek

January 27, 2017

Fridays with Farley...Another Dose of Useless Tidbits

• Digital Delights...
The monster 2017 Vallejo product catalog is available as free download from Michigan Toy Soldier HERE and covers their ever growing range of products in great detail. One of the best catalogs out there! 105 pages includes Tips & Tricks and all these ranges...Model Color, Liquid Gold, Model Air, Metal Color, Panzer Aces, Game Color, Game Air, Weathering Effects, Pigments, Model Wash, Surface primers, Diorama Effects, Premium Color, Auxiliaries and Accessories
W Britains
The 2016 Winter catalog which contains new products that will be available in the Spring & Summer is now available for pre-order.
View PDF of the 2016 Winter Catalog

Our Latest Newsletter Over The Top for January 26 is is available to view by clicking HERE

...The OSW bills itself as the online authority for the sixth scale enthusiast! The Gallery features some stunning stuff including this WWI German titled: Verdun. Bleed Them White. June- November 1916. See more images and the building of the base HERE

Verdun. Bleed them White. June- November 1916

• BUILT...
120mm Stunner!
I've seen that movie
Too cool for words...


A Italian collectors private museum collection of toy soldiers. Created entirely with commercially available miniatures.


Michigan Toy Soldier's News from The Front: Index to Product Spotlights, Tips & Tricks, Reviews, Build, Paint & Play, Toy's in the Attic & more

Listings in Bold are new or updated in the last 60 days
Reading & Reference
VIEW MTSC's Modeling World War I - Reference & Researching Part 1
VIEW Adam's Armour Modeling Guide Volume 1 & 2 from AFV Modeller
VIEW Airplanes in Scale -The Greatest Guide: Jets from Accion Press
VIEW Aircraft Scale Modelling F. A. Q. from AK Interactive
VIEW Amazing Figure Modeler Magazine
VIEW Static Modeling Manuals Step by Step by Auriga 
VIEW Britains Toy Soldiers: The History and Handbook 1893 - 2013 & Collecting Toy Soldiers in the 21st Century by James Opie 
VIEW Encyclopedia Of Armour Modelling Techniques Vol. 1 - Construction from AMMO of MIG
VIEW GI-Collector's Guides from Histoire & Collections
VIEW How to Paint 1:72 Military Vehicles from AMMO of MIG
VIEW How To Paint Figures With Acrylics by Julio Cabos from Andrea Press
VIEW In Combat – Painting Mechas by AMMO of MIG
VIEW Modeling World War I Tanks by Frédéric Astier from Histoire & Collections
VIEW Mr. Black Publications Scale Model Handbook Series
VIEW Paint Guide for Figures of World War Two & Painting Guide for AFV of World War Two from Histoire & Collections
VIEW Panzer Aces Magazine from Accion Press
VIEW Panzer: The German Tanks Encyclopedia by Laurent Tirone from Caraktere Press
VIEW Painting Miniatures from A to Z, Angel Giraldez Masterclass Volume 1 & Volume 2 from Vallejo
VIEW Painting Miniatures DVD Series from Andrea Miniatures
VIEW Painting War Series for painting Small Scale Figures
VIEW Painting Wargame Tanks by Ruben Torregrossa from AMMO of MIG
VIEW Shep Paine's Armor Modelers Guide (QUICK LOOK)
VIEW Uniform Painting Reference Material- German Uniforms WWII

Paints, Tools & Supplies
VIEW MTSC's Painting the Great War with Acrylic Paint Sets from AK Interactive and AMMO of Mig
VIEW Abteilung 502 Modeling Oil Paints & Auxiliaries
VIEW AK Interactive Acrylic Paint Range: Figure Series
VIEW AK Interactive DioramF.A.Q. Book
VIEW AK Interactive Diorama Series
VIEW AK Interactive Gauzy Agent
VIEW AK Interactive Learning Series no.4: Metallics Vol. 1 Book
VIEW AK Interactive Survival Weathering Brushes
VIEW AK Interactive True Metal
VIEW AK Interactive Washable Agent for Acrylic Paints (QUICK LOOK)
VIEW AK Interactive Xtreme Metal range
VIEW THE AMAZING...Abrasive Cleaning Disc
VIEW AMMO of MIG Earth Effects - Mud & Splashes
VIEW Andrea Acrylic Paints
VIEW Andrea Bases for Figures
VIEW The Army Painter System
VIEW The Army Painter Quickshade Inks
VIEW Da Vinci Brushes
VIEW Deluxe Materials Perfect Plastic Putty
VIEW Deluxe Materials Plastic Magic Box with Brush
VIEW Deluxe Materials Super Phatic! & Roket Card Glue
VIEW Deluxe Materials Strip Magic
VIEW Deluxe Materials Tricky Stick Part 1
VIEW Deluxe Materials Tricky Stick Part 2
VIEW Flex-I-File Professional Series Brushes
VIEW Gator's Grip Acrylic Hobby Glue
VIEW Goodman Super Sanding Blocks
VIEW GSI Creos Mr. Cap Opener
VIEW Hataka Acrylic Hobby Paints
VIEW Hudson & Allen Scenics
VIEW Lifecolor Liquid Pigments
VIEW Micro Stix Adhesive Tip Applicators
VIEW Mission Models Premium Hobby Paints
VIEW Panzer Putty Masking Agent by MXpression
VIEW Painting the Great War
VIEW PanPastel Easy Weathering Effects
VIEW Tamiya Masking Products + Masking Tape for Curves
VIEW Tamiya Electric Handy Drill
VIEW Wilder Modeling Products
VIEW Wilder Weathering Oils
VIEW Vallejo Game Air Paints
VIEW Vallejo Metal Color Range, Acrylic Metallic Colors
VIEW Vallejo Modular Paint Stands
VIEW Vallejo Model Washes
VIEW Vallejo Weathering Effects Range
VIEW Weathering Brush Set for Pigments
VIEW Woodland Scenics Shaper Sheet System

Figures Pre-painted
VIEW Black Hawk Toy Soldier Ride To Glory: On the Trail to the Little Big Horn
VIEW Morgan Miniatures: The New Kingdom Armies of Ancient Egypt
VIEW Morgan Miniatures: The Mexican Adventure and the French Foreign Legion
VIEW Morgan Miniatures: The Tuaregs
VIEW Two Trees Zinnfiguren
VIEW W. Britain American Civil War Range
VIEW W. Britain Clash Of Empires range
VIEW W. Britain Napoleonic Wars British range
VIEW W. Britain Wrath of the Northmen range
VIEW W. Britain WWI Germans 1916-18 range
VIEW W. Britain WWII range


Scenic & Diorama
VIEW The Army Painter Scenic Tuft Range
VIEW Forest in a Flash- Create Realistic Trees and Shrubs in Minutes!
VIEW Magic Water


Figures 1/72nd Scale
VIEW Airfix 1/72nd scale Diorama & Gift Sets
VIEW Italeri 1/72nd Scale Diorama Battle Sets
VIEW How to Paint 1:72 Military Vehicles from AMMO of MIG


Figure Kits
VIEW Andrea Miniatures True Cowboy kit ref.S8-F60
VIEW Master Box Models 1:35th scale WWI Range of Figure Kits

VIEW Perry Miniatures American Civil War 28mm Plastic Figure Set Range

Model Kits
VIEW Meng Models WWI 1/35th Scale Armor Kits
VIEW Takom WWI Model Kits 1/35th Scale Armor Kits
VIEW Tamiya's WWI WWI British Mk.IV Male + WWI British Infantry Set

VIEW Across A Deadly Field from John Hill & Osprey 
VIEW Ares Wings of Glory: Giants of the Sky
VIEW Flames of War Great War, World War One Battles of 1918.
VIEW Flames of War Open Fire!
VIEW Perry Miniatures Battle in a Box Set American Civil War

VIEW Perry Miniatures American Civil War 28mm Plastic Figure Set Range

VIEW The Great War & Tank Expansion by PSC 
VIEW An Overview of the Warlord Games Historical Gaming Systems
VIEW Zvezda Art of Tactic Tabletop Gaming System


Collectible Armor & Aircraft
VIEW Wings of the Great War: 1/72 scale Armor Collection

Trench Runner Reviews

VIEW Accion Press Vignettes A How-To Guide  by Farley Mitchell
VIEW AK Interactive's Extreme Reality by Justin Skrakowski
VIEW AK Interactive's Learning Series no.4 Metallics Vol. 1 by Steven Lowenthal
VIEW AK Interactive's Learning Series no.5 Metallics Vol. 2 by Steven Lowenthal
VIEW AMMO of MIG Encyclopedia of Aircraft Modelling Techniques 2: Interiors and Assembly by Justin Skrakowski
VIEW How to Paint 1:72 Military Vehicles from AMMO of MIG
VIEW Landscapes of War. Vol.II (Accion Press) by Matt Koltonow
VIEW Modeling World War I Tanks (Histoire & Collections) by Farley Mitchell
VIEW Mr. Black Scale Model Handbook WWII Special by Justin Skrakowsk
VIEW Perry Miniatures 28mm Plastic Agincourt sets by Nathan Hutchison

Tips & Tricks

VIEW Tips & Tricks: Build a Simple Spray BootH
VIEW Tips & Tricks: Using Vallejo Smoke To Create Leather & Wood Effects
VIEW Tips & Tricks: Making a Simple Cloud Background by Charles Oldaugh
VIEW Tips & Tricks: Making a Simple Cloud Background with Treeline by Charles Oldaugh
VIEW Tips & Tricks: Converting Plastic Figures with Deluxe Materials Tricky Stick
VIEW Tips & Tricks: Stop Knock Overs!
VIEW Tips & Tricks: Primer for Soft Plastic Figures
VIEW Tips & Tricks: 1 Hour Tank Weathering Using the Vallejo Weathering Effects Range by Charles Oldaugh
VIEW Converting Plastic Figures using Tricky Stick pt. 1
VIEW Converting Plastic Figures using Tricky Stick pt. 2

Tutorials/Builds/How To/SBS

VIEW Build, Paint & Play The Perry Miniatures ACW Box Set pt.1 w/Matt Koltonow
VIEW Build, Paint & Play The Perry Miniatures ACW Box Set pt.2 w/Matt Koltonow
VIEW Build, Paint & Play The Perry Miniatures ACW Box Set pt.3 w/Matt Koltonow
VIEW Build, Paint & Play The Perry Miniatures ACW Box Set pt.4 w/Matt Koltonow
VIEW Build, Paint & Play The Perry Miniatures ACW Box Set pt.5 w/Matt Koltonow
VIEW Build, Paint & Play The Perry Miniatures ACW Box Set pt.6 w/Matt Koltonow
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VIEW Build, Paint & Review The PSC Late War British Armoured Division, Army Box pt.1
VIEW Build, Paint & Review The PSC Late War British Armoured Division, Army Box pt.2
VIEW Build, Paint & Review The PSC Late War British Armoured Division, Army Box pt.3
VIEW Build, Paint & Review The PSC Late War British Armoured Division, Army Box pt.4
VIEW Building and Painting the Master Box 1/35th scale WWI Hand-to-Hand Fight by Charles Oldaugh
VIEW Perry Miniatures 28mm Plastic Agincourt sets w/Nathan Hutchison

Toys in the Attic

VIEW Aurora Confederate Raider 1958
VIEW Aurora Monster Models of the 1960s Part 1- History
VIEW Aurora Monster Models of the 1960s Part 2 'The Aurora 13' Frankenstein
VIEW Aurora Monster Models of the 1960s Part 3 'The Aurora 13' Dracula
VIEW Aurora Monster Models of the 1960s Part 4 'The Aurora 13' Wolfman
VIEW Aurora Monster Models of the 1960s Part 5 'The Aurora 13' The Creature
VIEW Aurora Monster Models of the 1960s Part 6 'The Aurora 13' The Mummy
VIEW Aurora Monster Models of the 1960s Part 7 'The Aurora 13' The Phantom of the Opera & The Hunchback of Notre Dame
VIEW Aurora Monster Models of the 1960s Part 8 'The Aurora 13' Dr. Jekyll as Mr. Hyde
VIEW Aurora Monster Models of the 1960s Part 9 'The Aurora 13' King Kong & Godzilla
VIEW Aurora Monster Models of the 1960s Part 10 'The Aurora 13' The Bride of Frankenstein
VIEW Aurora Monster Models of the 1960s Part 11 'The Aurora 13' The Witch & The Forgotten Prisoner
VIEW Aurora Monster Models of the 1960s Part 12 Famous Monsters of Filmland / Aurora Model Contest of 1964
VIEW Aurora Monster Models of the 1960s Part 13 Gigantic Frankenstein aka "Big Frankie"
VIEW Aurora NFL MIniatures Model Kit 
VIEW Civil War News Trading Cards
VIEW Comic Book Soldiers - Defending Truth, Justice, And The Plastic Way Of Life Part 1
VIEW Green Army Men - Defending Truth, Justice, And The Plastic Way Of Life Part 2
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VIEW Johnny Reb Cannon
VIEW Johnny Seven OMA (One Man Army)
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VIEW Operation X-500 by Deluxe Reading
VIEW Remco's Hamilton's Invaders Playset
VIEW Remco's World War I Playsets
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VIEW The Rattle & Hum of Tudor Electric Football
VIEW The Wacky Wonderful World of Weird-Ohs