July 01, 2017

A MTSC SneaK PeeK: Mission Models Round Two

Mission Models US launched their new MMP line of paints back in December 2016. The company now introduces new colors to their palette... although mostly covering aircraft specific colors for US WWII to Modern, German WWII , British RAF WWII and many others the new batch of paints also include several tones which should be very welcomed by armor modelers as well. Throw in new Metallics: Copper, Aluminum and Cold Rolled Steel plus new weathering color Transparent Dust and you have the "Round Two" release.

The original MMP color chart consisted of 48 different tones and is now expanded to 86 paints. The new colors include German WWII interior white, LRDG Pink, Russian 4B0 faded, US Army Gulf Sand, etc, as well as the above mentioned metallic and transparent colors.
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Round Two Colors
MMP-049 Graugrun RLM 74
MMP-050 Grauviolet RLM 75
MMP-052 Braunviolet RLM 81
MMP-053 Hellgrun RLM 82
MMP-054 Dunkelgr√ľn RLM 83
MMP-055 Hellblau RLM 78
MMP-056 Grau RLM 02
MMP-057 Hellblau RLM 65
MMP-058 US Dark Green FS 34079
MMP-059 US Interior Green FS 34151
MMP-060 Dark Tan FS 30219
MMP-061 US Blue Grey FS35189
MMP-062 USN/USMC Sea Blue FS 35042
MMP-063 Light Gull Grey FS 36440
MMP-064 Dark Gull Grey FS 36231
MMP-065 Gloss Sea Blue FS 15042
MMP-066 US Medium Green FS 34102
MMP-067 Yellow Zinc Chromate
MMP-068 Green Zinc Chromate
MMP-069 Light Gull Gray FS 16440
MMP-070 Radome Tan FS 33613
MMP-071 Intermediate Blue FS 35164
MMP-072 Medium Gray FS 35237
MMP-073 Light Ghost Gray FS 36375
MMP-074 Dark Ghost Gray FS 36320
MMP-075 Light Sea Grey
MMP-076 RAF Middle Stone
MMP-077 RAF Dark Green
MMP-078 RAF Dark Earth
MMP-079 Raf Interior Green
MMP-080 RAF underside Sky 610
MMP-081 LRDG Pink
MMP-082 German WWII Elfnbein Interor White
MMP-083 Have Glass Grey FS36170
MMP-084 IDF Green
MMP-085 Russian WWII 4B0 FS 34257
MMP-086 US Army Sand FS 30277

MMM-003 Faded Aluminum
MMM-004 Copper

MMW - 006 Transparent Dust

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