April 12, 2017

MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Meng Models World War Toons Series Created For Kids Big & Small

Take time out for some comic relief, as Meng Model announces the World War Toons series....

 Meng Models is working with Roqovan Studio to provide model kits inspired by its World War Toons game. World War Toons is a first person shooter (FPS) game set in the WWII era where soldiers, guns, and tanks are cartoonized. Meng brings these figures and tanks as kits, and these were recently presented to the public during the World War Toons launch party aboard the USS Iowa. 

The kits feature cartoony exteriors. Its snap-fit design does not require glue during assembly. Ideal for kids, beginners, and even for experienced modelers who would like to take time for a leisurely and relaxing build. This is another welcome effort to bring young people into our hobbies and we will support this range to it's fullest.

The first two kits are now Available
World War Toon Meng Model Kids Caricature Series
MGK-WWT-001 German Tiger I Heavy Tank
MGK-WWT-002 M4A1 Sherman U.S Tank
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Two more kits have just been announced for May/June
MGK-WWT-003 German Heavy Tank King Tiger (Porsche Turret)
MGK-WWT-004 Soviet Heavy Tank KV-2
Pre-Order Available Soon

Earlier Post About Meng Kids:

Meng Models has released kits in a new line of plastic models called Meng Kids. Designed to get youngsters into modeling (and history) these kits have simple, pre-colored and cement free (snap) parts. Each kit also contains a Knowledge Card describing the models and their history.  We are all for any one who puts forth the effort to bring young people into our hobbies and we will support this range to it's fullest.
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MGK-MV01 Chinese Type 99A Main Battle Tank Meng Kids- Snap Kit.
MGK-M1 B-17G Flying Fortress Bomber Meng Kids- Snap Kit.
MGK-M2 Lancaster Bomber Meng Kids- Snap Kit.

MGK-M3 He 177 Bomber Meng Kids- Snap Kit.MGK-M4 Tu-2 Bomber Meng Kids- Snap Kit.


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