March 11, 2017

A MTSC SneaK PeeK: New W Britains Figures Arriving Shortly

Just received notice from W Britains that their next batch of figures will be shipping to dealers the week of March 13th. That means we will have them late in the week or early the following week and ready to drop into your collection. We will have the eagerly awaited Ambushing Woodland Indians limited edition set, two of the greatest American Presidents, Civil War Civilians, Warring Saxons & Vikings, A British Admiral and German WWII soldier. 
Still time to Pre-order for fast delivery right HERE

31272 American Civil War - "Mr. Dayfield" Young Civilian Man Standing 
31273 American Civil War - "Mr. Johnson" Middle-aged Man Standing 
31274 American Civil War - "Mrs. Johnson" Middle-aged Woman Standing

16046 Clash of Empires - "The Ambush" Native Warriors Firing From Cover - 3 Piece Set

10054 Museum Collection - George Washington 1780-83 
10055 Museum Collection - Abraham Lincoln 1861-65
13028 Jack Tars & Leathernecks - Admiral Nelson 

62120 Wrath of the Northmen - "Hereward" Saxon Pushing With Shield 
62121 Wrath of the Northmen - "Gostav" Viking Pushing With Shield 

25048 WWII - German Volksgrenadier Walking with K-98 No.1 

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