February 14, 2017

A MTSC SneaK PeeK: Expeditionary Force’s Zulu Wars Wave 4 + Future Releases Update

Three new sets including a gatling gun highlight Wave 4 of Expeditionary Force’s Zulu Wars range. Due last week of February Pre-order HERE and Save

Follow the ongoing TOM STARK'S PLASTIC PASSIONS look at  Expeditionary Force’s Zulu Wars & Colonial Wars 1878-1902 Range

EXP-54ZBR06-G Naval Landing Party Sailors with Gatling-Guns

EXP-54ZBR06–H Naval Landing Party in Sennett Straw Hats

EXP-54ZBR06–S Naval Landing Party in in Sailors Flat Cap

Latest Update from Scott at Ex-Force...
The next release for the Zulu Wars range will be the...
- Mounted Infantry/Natal Mounted Police (Horse & Foot)
- British Infantry (extension) to include the newly sculpted kneeling and advancing postures
- British Marines (same as the infantry sets but in blue plastics). 
These are targeted for release in March 2017. With these sets, the Zulu War range will only be left with the Lancers and the Mounted Auxiliary Carbineers (April-May 2017).

The Colonial Wars Range will however be extended to cover the First Boer War, the Second Afghan War and the Mahdist Uprising; and also the Boxer Rebellion & Second Boer War in due course.

Following the release of the latest Ancient Persian sets recently, there will be a slight extension/revision to the Persian sets (replacement of soft plastic spears with hard plastic ones, a few remodelled Persian infantry and head-types, shields etc. ). Likewise, there will be extension to the Classical Greeks as well (Iphicratic-reformed Hoplites in quilted corselets). These are targeted for April-May 2017.

The planned Napoleonics are progressing and we expect to see the first releases during the second half of 2017. The Romans, 18th Century and WW2 Pacific Wars are still on the table. Will see how fast we can run in 2017 (Year of the Rooster).

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