September 28, 2016

MTSC NEWS & GOSSIP: Forces of Valor Returns

Waltersons Industry has officially acquired the famous military die-cast company, Forces of Valor (Unimax). Off the market for several years now it came as no surprise that someone would purchase tooling  at some point. Look for new FOV to begin appearing on shelves in 2017.

Waltersons Press release-

"Forces of Valor" has been bought out by a Hong Kong hobby company, Waltersons Industry. We are now in the process of moving all the moulds from OEM vendors to the Waltersons manufacturing facility, the 1st round of production should begin in September. As you are aware, there are approximately 190 models in the FOV range, and we can only make the 20 most in demand  models in the 1st production run. All packaging and user manuals will be completely brand new. We will try our best to enhance the painting if there were things that were not done right in the past. For certain models we will make new tooling, for example with the 1:32 scale Tiger I tank, the road wheels were slightly off scale. In 2017, we will announce new 1:32 scale tanks and 1:700 scale aircraft carriers.

As the new owners of the Forces of Valor brand we have decided to make some changes to the way in which we present the brand to the public. Because we will likely reintroduce some of the older items in updated packaging or with different accessories and features, we will be distinguishing old inventory from new with some minor SKU modifications to lessen confusion yet extend the brand. Any of the products remaining in inventory that were offered by Unimax, the original makers of the line, will have a product code that begins with UNI. Any new items being offered by the new manufacturer, Waltersons (Walter & Sons), will sport a FOV product identifier. So, a Unimax-built 1:32 scale Tiger I tank will carry the code UNI80003, while a similar Waltersons release will be identified as FOV80003."

 FOV display at the 56th All Japan Models & Hobby Show 2016 held in Tokyo, Japan. Shown is one of their relaunched warships, complete with its new display plinth and etched metallic name plate. Also highlighted were some of the past 1:32 scale favorites, which may come with updated paint schemes and revised packaging to differentiate them from the Unimax releases.

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