September 16, 2016

MTSC SneaK PeeK: Panzer Aces no.52 Special Issue Blitzkrieg

Panzer Aces is a scale military vehicle magazine produced in Spain by Euro Modelismo/Accion Press. High quality pictures agent excellent step by step procedures by the most prestigious hobbyists on the international scene. The magazine also includes pretty unique visuals of the vehicles enhanced with numerous profiles by outstanding illustrators in the scale military hobby. Tricks, techniques, scenery tips, scale figure painting and photographic reviews about the real vehicles as these appear in the magazine.

Panzer Aces no.52
Special Issue Blitzkrieg
Panzer Aces launches a special issue focused on Blitzkrieg, a revolutionary military doctrine that characterized Wehrmacht operations between 1939 and 1941. The great importance that Germany placed on the armored forces are showed in a complete issue along the main characters in the dispute.

Index to Articles in this issue: 
This small Czech AFV which eventually became rather useful for the German Army, was one of the great stars of the Blitzkrieg. We are showing a seldom seen version; the command version identifiable by its large radio antenna found on the rear of the vehicle. This is an excellent Tristar kit with an excellent contrast work between the dirt and the dry mud and its dark Panzer Gray livery.
14. RenaulT FT17
One of the consequences of the Blitzkrieg was the capture of a considerable amount of enemy war material. Abilio gives us an example of this with his German FT-17. This kit has a subtle paintjob, especially with the dirt work on this vehicle.
24. Stug III Ausf.B
Another feature of the “lightning war” was the common use of self-propelled artillery for infantry backup, a job that was entrusted to the specially designed Stugs that played an important part towards the beginning of operation Barbarossa, when very large expanses of land were conquered in a very short time. Carlos’ Stug with its peculiar brown spot camouflage on the roof of its casemate is a perfect example. This kit also features outstanding dirt and dry mud work.
32. Sd.Kfz 232
We can’t talk about the Blitzkrieg without mentioning the scout vehicles. The work which traditionally was entrusted to Germany’s cavalry was given to these armored vehicles on wheels that were present throughout the conflict in varied forms. Ivan deploys a wide range of techniques on his 232 including the new “Black and White” painting technique to recreate the vehicle’s Panzer Gray. We will also like to mention his elaborate dirt application work.
44. Waiting for the towing vehicle, France 1940
Not everything was gray during the Blitzkrieg. Color was provided by the French AFV’s and their flashy schemes. Jorge shows us in a very instructive way how to use these camouflage patterns, integrating the vehicle in a natural environment, putting the vehicle in context and hiding it at the same time. A very interesting article of a vignette which is full of light, color, plant life, minutiae, human elements, animals, etc. with an impeccable presentation and some wonderful pictures.
64. Modelling lessons: mud
This time we’ve been doing some tests for recreating easily mud and doing mud splashes. We also show what are the market choices and the different products available in order to create a springboard for your own work.   
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Issue 52 sample pages

Panzer Aces no.51
Special Issue Winter Camouflage
Panzer Aces launches a special issue focused on Winter Camouflage. One of the most popular themes in military modeling, the posibilities of this type of paint and weathering are quite broad. So through out all 96 pages of issue 51, Aces offers a varied range of authors, kits, techniques, subjects and finishes in great detail and Step-by-Step processes. Staring with this issue you will also be able to you can gain free access to a supplementary picture galleries of more images in the articles using QR Codes.
2.- Cruiser Tank A-30 Challenger, scale 1/35
16.- Bison I, scale 1/35
26.- T-34-76, Factory 183, scale 1/35
38.- Marder III, scale 1/35
48.- Crush this Bastard!!, scale 1/35
68.- Modeling Lessons: Techniques for winter camouflage
74.- Sdkfz 251/9, scale 1/35
82.- Modeling Lessons: Tree stump in snow 2nd part

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Issue 51 sample pages

Panzer Aces no.49
Special Issue World War I
Issue 49 is another special issue, this one featuring World War I tanks.
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- A 7V STURMPANZERWAGEN.  Before the Meng kit hit the shelves, you could only reproduce this AFV with the TAURO Models release –outdated in every way- so Carlos de Diego Vaquerizo
rebuilt it almost from scratch using the treads and a few other pieces taken from the original kit. The vehicle has been painted with the Losenge pattern so typical of this period. This 22 page feature covers everything from scratch building to painting to painting a figure to groundwork!

- SAINT CHAMOND. These AFV’s were nothing but self propelled guns and most of these vehicles have a suspicious “farm tractor” aftertaste -revealing the vehicle’s compromised origins- sporting machine guns and armoring. Luckily the French camouflage patterns are anything but boring as Laurent Stankoviak beautifully demonstrates with his work here. 12 pages.
- SAINT CHAMOND “WALK AROUND” In the AFV museum in Saumur, France we can find a few WWI “survivors” such as this Chamond which Laurent has photographed in order to improve his kit. The main pictures employed for the development of his work are showcased here. 6 pages.
- MK. IV MALE. The paintwork of British tanks contrary to the French ones is pretty sober and quite insipid from a modeler’s point of view; at least its large treads give us some room to create some interesting dirt as José Luis López demonstrates. José also shows his black and white style on this 1/35th scaleTamiya kit. 14 pages.
- CA 1 SCHNEIDER. The tractor which is the base for this self propelled gun is a relatively small vehicle and carried a smaller gun than the Chamond, which gave it a rather curious and better balanced look. Michel Pérez has chosen a simple and effective, reproduce camouflage pattern which is rather apt for an humid appearance for a scene set in Maizy during 1917 in the Aisne river area. Gaso.Line, 1/48 scale kit. 9 pages

from the editor...
With so much information and such a remarkable array of articles we ran out of pages
for the Renault FT-17 and another version of the Chamond which will be featured in our
sister magazine, Euromodelismo no. 258. In this magazine you may also find featured other WWI planes and figures hoping that our readers will not get too saturated with models from this period. However we’re not waiting for the anniversary that will take place in 3014 because none of us will be around; possibly nobody will remember us and who knows; maybe WWI may be forgotten as well.

Also available is the sister publication Euromodelismo no. 258. This is another issue dedicated to modeling WWI but unfortunately for those who only read English it is available only in Spanish but I would have to say that the Step by Steps are so good and clear that even not being able to read the text still makes it a worthwhile investment for the Great War Modeler

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