October 22, 2015

Toys in the Attic: Aurora Monster Models of the 1960s Part 4 'The Aurora 13' Wolfman

The Frankenstein kit had been the surprise hit of 1961, and the exec's at Aurora knew a good thing when they saw one. The old Universal pantheon of beasties had been given new life and millions of new fans through late-night "Creature Feature" style programs hosted by the likes of Sir Graves Gastly, Vampire Seymour, and Zacherley. Riding the trend, Aurora released the Wolf Man and Dracula kits in 1962. They were a smash, and gave the company the courage to continue what would become perhaps their most significant contribution to toy and hobby history - the Classic Monster Series.

'The Aurora 13'  No. 5 The Wolfman
"The terrifying shape of the wolfman stalked the silence of the night, prowling in search of victims to satiate his bestial appetite. Since the beginning of written records many early legends and numerous stories were related by wizened citizens in the villages of the Old Country.

The Werewolf would appear when the moon was full, a beast stalking his prey until daylight when it would once again assume the human form. It was written that only a silver bullet could kill them, and so the beasts would wander through the swamps and woods with no fear of extinction. Stories came from Transylvania, Hungary and other countries and were pieced together for intensive research.
Lycanthropy, it was called, which meant the transforming from a human form to the form of an animal. Tales of werewolves persisted down through the ages and specialsts have explained their views on Lycanthropy and how a human acquires the form of a wolfman

It is believed that heredity is responsible for this cursed malady, the tainted bloodline being passed to the descendants of such a creature. As the offspring reaches adulthood the instincts of the werewolf finally overpower the human elements and during a full moon the transformation takes place.

Many novels have been written on the activities of various wolfmen, in addition to stage plays and motion pictures on the subject. The werewolf has been known to exist since the early days of Greek mythology and the legend has been repeated for centuries in the sagas of the north and tales of the middle ages to the present time."
Promotional Copy from Original Instruction Sheet
©1962 Aurora Model Corp.

Original Kit Issued: 1962 - 1968 as Catalog #425
Plastic: Drak Gray, 1/8 scale
Sculptor: Bill Lemon
Box art: James Bama

Curiously, the model's pose in no way resembles that shown on the original box art above. There was no tree prop, and the werewolf wore no shirt. Instead we have a shirtless werewolf with his face in a horrible scowl, holding his clawed hands aloft; his pants are ripped at the bottom. He stands on an uneven base which also features a human skull and a rat. 
Rare 1969 Frightening Lighting Strikes Wolfman Box.When model was released with extra glow-in-the-dark parts the redone boxed art more closely resembles the finished sculpt. 
Wolfman Glow in the Dark

1970-75 as Catalog #450
Plastic: Drak gray & luminous
12" x 12" Square box format
Box art: Harry Scheme

Toys in the Attic: Aurora Monster Models of the 1960s

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