October 15, 2015

Toys in the Attic: Aurora Monster Models of the 1960s Part 6 'The Aurora 13' The Mummy

Aurora's first monster model was Frankenstein which appeared in 1961. Aurora followed with twelve more monster kits over the next five years. These 13 kits are affectionally referred to by collectors as "The Aurora 13.'

'The Aurora 13'  No. 4 The Mummy

Examining the tomb further they discovered another door over which was an inscription in hieroglyphics. Deciphered, it read, "Death will come on swift pinions to those who disturb the rest of Anahnka." A sentinel figure guarded the door. On the mummy case of the figure were protective formulas of adjuration to "frighten away the enemy of Anahnka in whatever form he may come." Another inscription yielded the fact that the case contained the mummy of Kharis, a high priest, who was to protect Anahnka in death."

Original Kit Issued: 1963 - 1968 as Catalog #427
Plastic: Lt. gray
Sculptor: Bill Lemon
Box art: James Bama
Aurora issued this model kit devoted to the Mummy in 1963. It is patterned after the classic Universal version of the monster as played by Boris Karloff.  The model is posed exactly as depicted on the box art: the creature dumbly steps forward, its right arm held at its side as if injured, and its left arm reaching forward menacingly. The figure stands amid a patch of uneven ground dotted with what appear to be ancient (and one case certainly Egyptian) ruins; a cobra rears up at his feet, baring its fangs at the viewer. 

The Mummy is considered the fourth in the Big Four of classic movie monsters, after (in order) Frankenstein's monster, Dracula, and the Werewolf..

Super rare 1969 Frightening Lighting Strikes Mummy Box
The Mummy Glow in the Dark
1970-75 as Catalog #452
Plastic: Light gray & luminous
12" x 12" Square box format
Box art: Harry Scheme
Original James Bama Box Art  Painting

Aurora Models advertisement from the 1965 Famous Monsters of Filmland Yearbook.

Toys in the Attic: Aurora Monster Models of the 1960s

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I want my Mummy!

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