June 25, 2015

Product Spotlight: The Scenic Factory Now at MTSC

We are proud to offer a new range of scenics here at the Michigan Toy Soldier Co. The Scenic Factory was created in an effort to bring to the discriminating modeler, products that until now were not readily available. Although created around the 1/35 scale modeler, products can be adapted for use in all scales. The modeling industry has come a long way since ground foam and lichen were some of the only choices for scenery. Modeling and the building of dioramas has become a work of art, often not being able to tell the real from the model.  The Scenic Factory felt some products were missing from the mainstream that were not commercially available to the modeler, mainly preserved natural materials (not dried). 

From the forests and mud of the Ardennes to the hedgerows of Normandy, the trenches of the First World War to the Russian front of World War Two, The Scenic Factory offers everything you need to create realistic, museum quality figures, dioramas and scenes.

Many products in the range are labeled as "Preserved". These are preserved in a glycerin solution and dyed in the process. Though not a solve all, this process allows products to last longer, remain pliable and less brittle unlike "Dried Products." Care still needs to be taken in the care and handling of these products.

Some of the unique products available from The Scenic Factory include:

TSF produces a number of different muds with varying degrees of "body" or texture including loaded, light bodied, wet and dry looks. Excellent for basing figures, weathering up AFV and any other application where a nice chunk of earth is needed. Also sold in "Mud Kits" which include: Mud with 5 individual packs including 1 pack fern, 1 pack moss, 1 pack dead branch, 1 pack twig/stick and 1 pack pine sticks

Scenic Tuffs
TSF static tufts are made with finest static grasses available and use a heavier adhesive then other manufactures to avoid damage to tufts when dislodging them from backing. "Pop" tufts off of backing with hobby knife. Unlike other companies these are packaged in convenient multi-size packs.

Scenic Shrubs & Natural Scenery
Scenic Shrubs are another versatile product made from glycerin preserved shrub material and dyed, followed by a coating of a dimensional flocking. Use as is, combine together to make larger shrubs or snip apart for smaller ones. Mix different shades together for a more realistic effect. Caspia, field grass, flowers and weeds and pine needles, shrubs (sea foam) are other natural products for use in hundreds of diorama setting. Can be used in all scales. 

Dead Stuff
The Scenic Factory offers a large selection of bark texture powder, dead trees, branches, saplings, sticks, forest floors and debris. These versatile products can be used in hundreds of ways from making trees to replicating war torn forests. 

John, the owner of TSF has graciously sent along some samples of his products. If you are in the area stop by the shop and have a look or bring along a figure or base or AFV and add some of our samples to it!

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