September 30, 2014

Product News: New Textures & Pigments from MIG Productions

 MIG Productions for October 2014.
Concrete is a new acrylic based non-textured paste. It can be used to represent concrete, walls covered or finished in plaster, mortar around bricks... It can be applied directly over balsa wood, plastic, metal, foam..The adhesive properties are extreme and once dry, the Concrete paste is rock hard and can be sanded or carved.
Concrete Grey  P509
Concrete Aged Blue  P510 
Concrete Aged Yellow  P511

New German pigment colors. Earth Mid tone can be used for models painted in German yellow, camouflaged vehicles, road wheels, tracks, terrains, urban decay buildings, rally cars, planes, figures. This is also a great color to represent dust or dry mud in any kind of model. Earth Dark tone is good for road wheels, tank tracks, figures, rally car wheells
German Earth Mid   P059 
German Earth Dark  P060

Transformation Sets
Transformation Sets include: 2 Washes / 2 Oils / 2 Filters / Guide with tips. 
MGP-P259 MIG Transformation Set: Eastern Front Summer Vehicle Set
Summer in the Eastern Front is known by the extremely fine earth and dust. Once well dry, this dust goes to into any spot and gets a very characteristic color. So, MIG Productions just gathered a selection of products to achieve that ultra-realistic final look.
This set contains: P304 Enamel Mud Splash Wash 75ml Bottle, P308 Enamel Light Sand Wash 75ml Bottle, P401 Enamel Ochre Filter for Grey Sand 35ml Bottle,P406 Enamel Brown Filter for White-Yellow Camo 35ml Bottle, ABT125 Weathering Oil Paint Light Mud 20ml Tube, ABT245 Weathering Oil Paint Sand Brown for German Yellow 20ml Tube
MGP-P260 MIG Transformation Set: Eastern Front Winter Vehicle Set 
\A super set based on the Eastern front scenario, Winter season. Winter in eastern front is responsible for the extreme weathering in vehicles, planes and buildings… Eastern Front in winter is like a “Frozen Hell”
This set contains: P302 Enamel Deep Green Wash 75ml Bottle, P306 Enamel Decay Wash 75ml Bottle, P421 Enamel Neutral Grey Filter for Panzer Grey 35ml Bottle, P423 Enamel Dark Green Grey Filter 35ml Bottle, ABT235 Weathering Oil Paint Intense Blue for German Grey 20ml Tube, ABT240 Weathering Oil Paint Cream Brown for German Yellow 20ml Tube

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September 23, 2014

Product Spotlight: The Mexican Adventure and the French Foreign Legion by Morgan Miniatures

Morgan Miniatures recreates The Mexican Adventure and the famous Battle of Camarón featuring the French Foreign Legion with figures examining the organizations, weapons and uniforms of the forces who fought on both sides of the conflict including the FFL, Mexican Republican Army and Mexican Militia via unique 60mm scale, matte painted, white metal figures.

Morgan figures are produced in England and feature true craftsmanship not possible with todays mass produced figures made in China. Each unique and limited production figure is individually cast and hand-painted in the connoisseur style with no two figures will be painted exactly the same.

Michigan Toy Soldier is the exclusive North American distributor for Morgan Miniatures.
View The Mexican Adventure Listings

The Mexican Adventure also called the War of the French Intervention, the Franco-Mexican War or the Second Franco-Mexican War, was an invasion of Mexico by the Second French Empire, supported in the beginning by the United Kingdom and Spain. It followed President Benito Juárez's suspension of interest payments to foreign countries on 17 July 1861, which angered Mexico's major creditors: Spain, France and Britain.

Emperor Napoleon III of France was the instigator, justifying military intervention by claiming a broad foreign policy of commitment to free trade. For him, a friendly government in Mexico would ensure European access to Latin American markets. Napoleon also wanted the silver that could be mined in Mexico to finance his empire. Napoleon built a coalition with Spain and Britain while the U.S. was engaged in civil war.

The three European powers signed the Treaty of London on 31 October, to unite their efforts to receive payments from Mexico. On 8 December the Spanish fleet and troops arrived at Mexico's main port, Veracruz. When the British and Spanish discovered however that France planned to seize all of Mexico, they quickly withdrew.

The subsequent French invasion resulted in the Second Mexican Empire, which was supported by the Roman Catholic clergy, many conservative elements of the upper class, and some indigenous communities; the presidential terms of Benito Juárez (1858–71) were interrupted by the rule of the Habsburg monarchy in Mexico (1864–67). Conservatives, and many in the Mexican nobility, tried to revive the monarchical form of government when they helped to bring to Mexico an archduke from the Royal House of Austria, Maximilian Ferdinand, or Maximilian I. France had various interests in this Mexican affair, such as seeking reconciliation with Austria, which had been defeated during the Franco-Austrian War of 1859, counterbalancing the growing American Protestant power by developing a powerful Catholic neighboring empire, and exploiting the rich mines in the north-west of the country.

After the end of the American civil war the US government forced France to withdraw its troops and the empire collapsed. Maximilian I was executed in 1867.

French Foreign Legion at Camarón
The Battle of Camarón which occurred on 30 April 1863 between the French Foreign Legion and the Mexican Republican  army, is regarded as a defining moment in the Foreign Legion's history. A small infantry patrol, led by Captain Jean Danjou, numbering just 65 men was attacked and besieged by a force that may have eventually reached 3,000 Mexican infantry and cavalry, and was forced to make a defensive stand at the nearby Hacienda Camarón, in Camarón de Tejeda, Veracruz, Mexico. The conduct of the Legion, who refused to surrender, led to a certain mystique — and the battle of Camarón became synonymous with bravery and a fight-to-the-death attitude of the FFL.

On 30 April, at 01:00, the 3rd company — 62 soldiers and three officers — was en route. After a 15-mile march, they stopped at Palo Verde to rest and "prepare the coffee". Soon after, a Mexican Army force of 800 horsemen was sighted. Captain Danjou ordered the company take up a square formation, and, though retreating, he rebuffed several cavalry charges, inflicting the first heavy losses on the Mexicans that suffered from long-range rifle fire.

Seeking a more defensible position, Danjou made a stand at the nearby Hacienda Camarón, an inn protected by a 3-meter-high (9.8 feet) wall. His plan was to occupy Mexican forces to prevent attacks against the nearby convoy. While his legionnaires prepared to defend the inn, the Mexican commander, Colonel Francisco de Paula Milán demanded that Danjou and soldiers surrender, noting the Mexican Army's numeric superiority. Danjou replied: "We have munitions. We will not surrender.”  He and his men then swore to fight to the death.

At around 11:00. the size of the Mexican force was increased by the arrival of 2,200 infantrymen. The Hacienda came under fire and the French had lost all water early in the morning when pack mules were lost during the retreat. At midday, Captain Danjou was shot in the chest and died; his soldiers continued fighting under the command of Lt. Vilain, who held for four hours before falling during an assault.

At 17:00. only 12 Legionnaires remained around under the command of Lt. Maudet. By 18:00, with ammunition exhausted, the last of Danjou's soldiers, numbering only five, including Maudet, desperately mounted a bayonet charge. Two men died outright, while the rest continued the assault. The tiny group was surrounded. A Belgian Legionnaire, Victor Catteau, leapt in front of Maudet in an effort to protect him from the Mexican guns when they were leveled at him but died in vain, as both he and Lt. Maudet were hit in the barrage.

Colonel Milán, commander of the Mexicans managed to prevent his men from executing the two surviving legionnaires. When they were asked to surrender, they insisted that they should be allowed safe passage home, to keep their arms, and to escort the body of Captain Danjou, to which Milán commented "What can I refuse to such men? No, these are not men, they are devils", and agreed to these terms.

Captain Danjou was a professional soldier and had lost his left hand while on a mapping expedition in the Kabyia campaign. He had a wooden articulated prosthetic hand made, painted to resemble a glove, strapped to his left forearm. Overlooked by both French and Mexican comrades who came to bury their dead it was found by an Anglo-French farmer, Langlais. Two years later, it was sold and taken to the Quarter Viénot in Sidi Bel Abbès in French Algeria, the home of the Foreign Legion. When the Legion moved to France, Capitaine Danjou's wooden hand was taken to Aubagne where it remains in the Legion Museum. The hand is the most cherished artifact in Legion history[citation needed] and the prestige and honor granted to a Legionnaire to carry it on parade in its protective case is among the greatest bestowed on a Legionnaire.

September 21, 2014

New 1/35th Doughboys + Lower Pricing on Emhar Plastic Figure and Model Kits

In a surprise move Emhar has announced the releases of a new set of WWI Doughboys in 1/35th scale with no less then 12 poses. These are a welcome addition to the 1/35th scale kits that are popping up all over the market along with the original Emhar kits. Order Here.

We are also happy to announce that we have secured lower pricing on Emhar products and are passing those savings along to our customers.

September 19, 2014

Product Spotlight: The Tuaregs by Morgan Miniatures.

The Tuaregs by Morgan Miniatures**

These colorful figures are designed to be used with the Morgan French Foreign Legion figures already released. These FFL figures serve a dual purpose as they can be used for the The Mexican Adventure 1861–67 range or do battle with the Tuaregs in the Sahara of the 19th century. 

 **A MTSC North American Exclusive) 

TUA-001 Tuareg Standing Firing
TUA-002 Tuareg Loading Rifle
TUA-003 Tuareg Attacking with Sword
TUA-004 Tuareg Attacking with Knife (holding rifle)
TUA-005 Tuareg Lunging with Knife (holding rifle)
TUA-006 Tuareg Running with Rifle

In the late 19th century, the Tuareg resisted the French colonial invasion of their Central Saharan homelands. Tuareg broadswords were no match for the more advanced weapons of French troops. After numerous massacres on both sides, the Tuareg were subdued and required to sign treaties in Mali 1905 and Niger 1917. In southern Morocco and Algeria, the French met some of the strongest resistance from the Ahaggar Tuareg. Their Amenokal, traditional chief Moussa ag Amastan, fought numerous battles in defence of the region. Finally, Tuareg territories were taken under French governance, and their confederations were largely dismantled and reorganised.

New Figures in the The Mexican Adventure 1861–67 Series
MRN-TMA020 Captain Danjou of the French Foreign Legion
MRN-TMA021 Mexican Militia Charging with Rifle & Bayonet
MRN-TMA022 Mexican Militia Attacking With Machete 
MRN-TMA023 Mexican Militia Defending with Rifle & Bayonet 

If you are looking for exceptional, truly handmade figures then Morgans are for you. Morgan Miniatures are unique 60mm scale, matt painted, white metal figures from the U.K. No more than 400 painted figures will be available annually. Each figure is individually hand-painted in the connoisseur style and usually no two figures will be painted exactly the same. Currently there are four series. The Conquest of Mexico with Aztecs and Conquistadors, The Mexican Adventure 1861-67, Pirates and the Old West.

September 18, 2014

MichToy's Caption This Image #55 Winner + Image for #56

It's Thursday so...We have a winner for this weeks Caption This Image. Caiden Hadley who entered via email is this weeks winner of a $25.00 Gift Card from Michigan Toy Soldier. Thanks to Caiden and everyone who entered

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Here is this weeks image. Come up with the wittiest caption for this image you will win a $25.00 gift card from MTSC. Just think... you get free stuff and you get show off your comedic charms that will fly around the world via our Newsletter, Blog, Google+ & Facebook pages. We will post the winning entry right here every Thursday. Post here or email you entries to:

September 17, 2014

One if by Sea....Two if by Land... Three if by Wargames Factory = New Rev War in 28mm Plastic

Wargames Factory are making good on their promise to bring the American War of Independence to life on the tabletop with their new range of 28mm plastic sets. These figures are designed to work in conjunction with the new rule system 'Land of the Free' by Joe Krone to be published this fall by Osprey.

The first three sets are 
WGF-HM04 British Infantry

WGF-HM05 Continental Infantry

WGF-HM06 Colonial Militia

Coming this Fall

This set of rules allows players to start with small warbands of 10-20 miniatures of any scale and develop their forces over time, building them up into armies of hundreds of models! No matter the size of a player's collection, these rules will provide an enjoyable game. 

Each player will build their forces using a unique system of command points. Throughout the game these command points will be used to perform actions, resolve morale tests, and reduce the enemy's will to fight. Resource management is determining what command points will be used for which elements and which actions. Risk management is evaluating whether you should extend your command point resources at the danger or exhausting your army and making them susceptible to counter-attack. Victory is determined by who holds the field of battle and which objectives were achieved.

September 14, 2014

Figure of the Week #63 GI Throwing Rock + Plugging Dagger

Some plastic army men were the very essence of heroism and fury, injection-molded into an easy, pocket-size form. Back in the days where youngsters had legs and a shape, one of the best ways to entertain yourself was with little plastic army men: Even today, roughly half of all grown men cannot help but see trenches in the garden walls and cliff sides in tree roots. These little soldiers, watched their friends die face down in the mud for a patch of sidewalk. They taught us all about tiny duty, itty-bitty honor, wee sacrifice and bite-sized heroism... and what could convey that heroism and fury of  hand-to-hand combat better then a GI about to crush his opponent with a big rock or his buddy in the midst of plugging a dagger into the heart of the enemy. 

These two guys were made by Lido and are part of an eight figure set. These figures are unique as no other company issued anything even slightly resembling these fantastic poses.  They date from the early 1950s and disappeared from the market rather quickly, replaced by more conventional sets of green army men. Beside the classic olive drab color there were several colors used including red, blue, and yellow and silver. It is thought these 'non army men' colors were made for space & sci-fi playsets.

So...rock and dagger guy have earned the distinction of being a MichToy FOTW.

Lido was formed in 1947 by the nephews (Seymour & Effrem Arenstein) of William Shaland the biggest importer of toys in the country. Lido was sold several times and the figures started to disappear when most of the molds were destroyed in the mid 60s. Only one of the several sets different sets of Lido GIs and large swivel cowboys and Indians survived into the 1990s and were sat seen in Tootsie Toy bags.

Images and info courtesy the blog WWII Plastic Toy Soldiers...

September 11, 2014

MichToy's Caption This Image #54 Winner + Image for #55

It's Thursday so...We have SEVERAL winners for this weeks Caption Contest #54. With entries so similar to each other we had to choose all of these including Bill Schreiber & David Luff who entered via our Face Book page, Truman Chua, Don Hynes and Bart Jennings each of which entered via email/newsletter as this weeks winners of a $25.00 Gift Card from Michigan Toy Soldier. Thanks to everyone who entered. View all the past winners here:

Here is this weeks image for image 55. Come up with the wittiest caption for this image you will win a $25.00 gift card from MTSC. Just think... you get free stuff and you get show off your comedic charms that will fly around the world via our Newsletter, Blog, Google+ & Facebook pages. We will post the winning entry right here every Thursday. Post here or email you entries to:

September 10, 2014

Expeditionary Forces Expand with ACW Zouaves & Militia

Expeditionary Forces has announced  their new 54mm ACW Zouaves and Militia supplementary sets for the ACW range. 

There are four different catalog items as follows:
54ACW-US-ZVE U.S. Zouaves (Sky-Blue Plastic)
54ACW-US-SHL U.S. Militia Infantry in Shell Jackets (Sky-Blue Plastic)
54ACW-CS-ZVE C.S. Zouaves (Gray Plastic)
54ACW-CS-SHL C.S. Militia Infantry in Shell Jackets (Gray Plastic)

Each box contains the following:-
9 figures including 1 Officer with sword, 1 bugler/standard bearer, 7 infantrymen with sufficient arms to for four different actions poses: firing, attacking, advancing, at ready. (9 models + 12 sets of actions arms) Each box-set will also contain 18 optional heads: for the Zouaves - 6 French kepi, 6 turban, 6 fez; for the Militia – 6 French Kepi, 6 have locked kepi, and 6 round peaked cap.

Whew...That's an amazing amount of combinations! Designed to match the existing ACW range in size and colors the heads and arms can thus be inter-changed with the cavalry and artillery sets for
those adept with pen-knife and glue for even more poses! The possibilities are endless.
Order here

Just what the world needs...

Just what the world needs...another stupid cat image. But this guy is a one smart! Obviously he took the Evelyn Wood Speed Reading course and he's reading Military Strategy! 

September 07, 2014

Links & Web Gems: Figure Painter Magazine Issue 16 Now Available

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 16 is Now Available for Download

From the publisher-
Welcome to issue 16 of Figure Painter Magazine and we have a really good issue for you this month. We’ve got some excellent reviews of products from Scale75, Ax Faction, Fantasy Realms Models, Painting Buddha and Sergeant BlackArt. We’ve also got a very informative What’s on the Market look at what MDF products are out there for us painters to not only store our stuff , but to transport our miniatures around in. We also have some brilliant tutorials where Sean Fulton paints the model he converted in last month’s issue; Justin McCoy from Secret Weapon Miniatures shows us how to paint a rusted Oldsmobile and Marko Paunovic not only brings us the latest instalment of the Malifaux gaming table, but also shows us how he created a simple gaming table for a tournament. Terry Cowell gives us his report from the latest Weekend Workshop that featured Alfonse Giraldes, but to get us started this month we have an Insight interview with one of the finest painters and modellers there is and someone who I’ve found to be a very helpful and cool guy all around - Roman ‘Jarhead’ Lappat.

STILL THE BEST DEAL ON THE WEB! FPM is available as a downloaded PDF for less then $2.00 a copy.  FPM is a independent magazine dedicated to sculpting, painting, displaying, collecting and gaming with miniature figures from all genre's. The magazine has details on new releases, reviews, interviews with the industries top painters and sculptors, show reports, tutorials and a user gallery. 

Tips & Tricks: Horse Colors by Francesco Messori

Here's a quick and easy reference for painting various types of horses using Vallejo Model Colors. The chart was made by Francesco Messori.

September 04, 2014

The MichToy Caption Contest #53 Winners + Image for #54

It's Thursday so...We have SEVERAL winners for this weeks Caption Contest #53. With entries so similar to each other we had to choose all of these including Kurt Hill who entered via our Face Book page, Larry Ried, Craig Downing and Gary Stier each of which entered via email/newsletter as this weeks winners of a $25.00 Gift Card from Michigan Toy Soldier. Thanks to everyone who entered.

Here is this weeks image for CC 54. Come up with the wittiest caption for this image you will win a $25.00 gift card from MTSC. Just think... you get free stuff and you get show off your comedic charms that will fly around the world via our Newsletter, Blog, Google+ & Facebook pages. We will post the winning entry right here every Thursday. Post here or email you entries to:

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