September 16, 2015

Product Spotlight: Rinaldi Studio Tank Art Vol.4: German Armor

Time has come for the 4th all-new release in the ongoing successful TANKART modeling book series. TANKART 4 German Armor is also the second title to focus on the popular subject of WWII German armor. Inside the 224-page book are 7 new chapters covering 9 models in extensive detail and photos. 

Again, this is all-new title, all new material and conversations inside, we are extremely excited for it's debut! The special guest author is Mario Eens from Belgium, who is a multiple Gold Medal winner at EuroMilitaire and highly regarded as one of the world's best armor modelers with his previously unpublished captured Char B1 in German service.

TA4 is 224 pages, 8.5" x 9.5. Soft-touch matt laminated cover with Lay-Flat Binding process, which allows the book to open and stay flat on the workbench. The layout graphics will be a further evolution of the current TA style, and the two all-new Technique chapters are focused on Technique Proficiency, and Winter Whitewash finishes in all three major scales of 1/72, 1/48 and 1/35 as it relates to German Armor. 

The model chapters (all in 1/35) follow and will feature a Tiger II, Grille Ausf. M, a very unique Nashorn PanzerJaeger, and a Sturm 33B. The guest author chapter by Mario Eens will showcase his superb Char B1 bis in captured Beutepanzer form. These 5 model chapters will cover camo schemes from all periods, including Panzer Gray in both summer and winter, 3-tone camo on zimmerit, and the trickier hard-edge and disc camo schemes.

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The 3rd installment in the revolutionary TANKART series by Michael Rinaldi. TA Vol. 3 Modern Armor continues the trend set by the first two volumes and caters towards vehicles in the post-WWII eras. A large continent of subjects by any definition, the chapters inside are drawn from the many worldwide conflicts with an emphasis on current trends in popular modern armor subjects. 

Inside Vol. 3 Modern Armor are the usual intro chapters and 3 dedicated technique chapters, with the bulk of the volume formed around 6 unique model chapters, 5 by the main author Michael Rinaldi, including the spectacular EuroMilitaire Gold Medal winning 1/35 D9R Armored Dozer, and 2 all-new models published for the first time, and 1 new model from renowned modern armor builder Andy Taylor from the UK.

TA 3 Modern Armor clocks in at 224 pages with over over 500 images all packaged inside a durable lay-flat binding that allows for optimum desktop use. All this coupled with large high-quality full-color photography, and the uniquely original dual-text format layout that covers both the "how" and the "why" of how each model was created makes the TANKART the 
finest armor modeling book available!

From Mike Rinaldi-
What's inside a TA series book? A lot, to be very honest. If you are new to my books and are waiting for your first taste of what TA brings to your workbench, here is a layout teaser from the chapter dedicated to discussing the combination of using the Hairspray technique (HS) for the paint work followed by Oil Paint Rendering (OPR) for the weathering, a process I'm quite fond of. My goals are to continually move the conversation forward and increase the collective knowledge base with each new release, as the techniques expand and grow over time.

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