December 19, 2014

Product Spotlight: The Best of 2014- Flex-I-File Professional Series Brushes

Flex-I-File Professional Series Brushes
A few years back we introduced modelers to the Da Vinci Brush Company which we discovered at the Nuremberg Toy & Hobby Fair. Now as popular as the Winsor & Newton Series 7 with figure modelers, many other companies have followed in our footsteps and began offering these same brushes and while they say imitation is the best form of flattery we don't like to rest on our laurels and are always looking for the best quality products to offer. Which brings us to our latest discovery….Flex-I-File Professional Series Brushes. 

In any sort of modeling or painting project the traditional paint brush reigns supreme. Finding a good quality brush, though, often eludes modelers and they just opt for whatever is next to the paint stand in the hobby shop. It doesn't take long to recognize that those brushes of convenience might not be the best solution for painting. Finding good brushes, though, is not that difficult, as seen by these new brushes from Flex-I-File.
These are hand made in Germany and feature Synthetic Sable Kolinsky fibers throughout the range for top performance and durability. The tip holds up well and MTSC tests using these brushes on a 54mm metal kit from Andrea, 1/72nd scale and 28mm plastic figures from Hat and Plastic Soldier Company and a 1/10th scale resin bust from Young Miniatures shows that painting with these puts down a nice smooth layer of paint with good coverage.  

Another excellent feature of these brushes is a new, more robust custom handle. Starting with an ergonomic triangle design they gently taper to balance perfectly in the hand for precise control. This triangular handle is an interesting modern change to traditional brushes, which generally featured a round handle. This rounded, triangular handle's advantage is immediately apparent when set down on the workbench, as it won't roll away. Another benefit, though, is that the thicker handle rests in the hand better and is more comfortable to hold and because of that improved comfort, the results from painting with these are greatly improved and much more satisfying. To top it off, they are packaged in a nice robust plastic storage tube. These are very reasonably priced brushes, which if taken care of should satisfy even the most frugal modeler,

Flex-I-File Brushes are Professional Brushes, for Professional Results and are available in these individual sizes or convenient sets:
BRF4P Flex-I-File Brushes- Fine 4 pack 
BRUF5P Flex-I-File Brushes- Ultra Fine 5 pack 
BR10-0 Flex-I-File Brush 10/0
BR5-0 Flex-I-File Brush 5/0
BR4-0 Flex-I-File Brush 4/0
BR3-0 Flex-I-File Brush 3/0
BR2-0 Flex-I-File Brush 2/0
BR3 Flex-I-File Brush 3
BR2 Flex-I-File Brush 2
BR1 Flex-I-File Brush 1
BR0 Flex-I-File Brush 0

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