January 29, 2013

FIGURE OF THE WEEK 25jan2013: Pfeiffer Mounted Indian

This week’s figure comes to us from reader Toni Wolf who sends us “greetings from the land of snow and ice” which could mean the Alps, the Norse countries or even right here in Michigan! His favorite figure is this handsome mounted Indian that Toni tells us is from “Emil Pfeiffer of  Austria.” It is fabulously painted and sculpted and still in mint condition and was produced in the 1920s. There are over 40 figures plus accessories such as camp fires, teepees, a stage coach and wild animals in this 10cm composition figure range. It’s a great figure Toni and thanks for sending it to us.

Read the complete history of Pfeiffer in Thomas Finck's fantastic book Masse-Wild-West-Figuren und Zubehör Deutscher Hersteller Band3 (German Wild West Composition Figures Volume 3)

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