April 25, 2017

MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: The Woodland Scenics Water System

Woodland Scenics has developed a new Water System for creating water effects on vignettes, dioramas, layouts and anything else you need wet! The system has a whooping 19 new products including 2 new Deep Pour waters which join the existing Realistic Water and Water Effects, 7 new water tints, 6 water under coats, 2 surface waters a white water highlight and the Dust Dabber.

SOON >> MTSC Trench Runners are working a complete review of this product

WLS-4510 Deep Pour Water - Clear
WLS-4511 Deep Pour Water - Murky
WLS-4515 Surface Water- Water Ripples (4 fl.oz.)
WLS-4516 Surface Water - Water Wave (4 fl.oz.)
WLS-4519 Water Tint - Navy Blue (2 fl.oz.
WLS-4520 Water Tint - Turquoise (2 fl.oz.
WLS-4521 Water Tint - Moss Green (2 fl.oz.)
WLS-4522 Water Tint - Sage Green (2 fl.oz.)
WLS-4523 Water Tint - Olive Drab (2 fl.oz.)
WLS-4524 Water Tint - Yellow Silt (2 fl.oz.)
WLS-4525 Water Tint - Murky (2 fl.oz.)
WLS-4529 White Water Highlight (2 fl.oz.)
WLS-4530 Water Undercoat - Deep Blue (4 fl.oz.)
WLS-4531 Water Undercoat - Navy Blue (4 fl.oz.)
WLS-4532 Water Undercoat - Hunter Green (4 fl.oz.) $8.99 Available
WLS-4533 Water Undercoat - Moss Green (4 fl.oz.)
WLS-4534 Water Undercoat - Olive Drab (4 fl.oz.)
WLS-4535 Water Undercoat - Yellow Silt (4 fl.oz.)
WLS-4539 Dust Dabber (5.64 oz.)
Previously Released
WLS-1211 Realistic Water
WLS-1212 Water Effects
View the Woodland Scenics Water System Range HERE
View the Woodland Scenics Water SystemHow To Videos on our You Tube Page HERE

April 24, 2017

MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: The Scenic Factory New Products Spring 2017

Now available>>> All new Scenic Factory Shurb Tuffs, Flowers & Leafy Bushes

Leafy Bushes
TSF-LB-01 Leafy Bushes (Spring Green)
TSF-LB-02 Leafy Bushes (Summer Green)
TSF-LB-03 Leafy Bushes (Late Summer Green)
TSF-LB-04 Leafy Bushes (Autumn)
TSF-LB-05 Leafy Bushes (Yellow)
TSF-LB-06 Leafy Bushes (Yellow/Spring Blend)

Shurb Tuffs
TSF-20LTUF2 Shrub Tufts Spring Green (20mm)
TSF-20LTUF3 Shrub Tufts Medium/Olive Green (20mm)
TSF-20LTUF4 Shrub Tufts Medium/Spring Green (20mm)
TSF-20LTUF5 Shrub Tufts Medium w/Berries (20mm

TSF-FLW12-L Flowers 12mm Large Flake - Lavender
TSF-FLW12-P Flowers 12mm Large Flake - Pink
TSF-FLW12-W Flowers 12mm Large Flake - White
TSF-FLW06-R Flowers 6mm Fine Flake - Red
TSF-FLW06-O Flowers 6mm Fine Flake - Orange/ Marigold
TSF-FLW06-Y Flowers 6mm Fine Flake - Yellow
TSF-FLW06-G Flowers 6mm Fine Flake - Green/Plant
TSF-FLW06-B Flowers 6mm Fine Flake - Buttercup Yellow
TSF-FLW06-L Flowers 6mm Fine Flake - Lavender
TSF-FLW06-W Flowers 6mm Fine Flake - White

Our Original Scenic Factory Product Spotlight....
We are proud to offer a fantastic range of scenics here at the Michigan Toy Soldier Co. The Scenic Factory was created in an effort to bring to the discriminating modeler, products that until now were not readily available. Although created around the 1/35 scale modeler, products can be adapted for use in all scales. The modeling industry has come a long way since ground foam and lichen were some of the only choices for scenery. Modeling and the building of dioramas has become a work of art, often not being able to tell the real from the model.  The Scenic Factory felt some products were missing from the mainstream that were not commercially available to the modeler, mainly preserved natural materials (not dried). 

From the forests and mud of the Ardennes to the hedgerows of Normandy, the trenches of the First World War to the Russian front of World War Two, The Scenic Factory offers everything you need to create realistic, museum quality figures, dioramas and scenes.

Many products in the range are labeled as "Preserved". These are preserved in a glycerin solution and dyed in the process. Though not a solve all, this process allows products to last longer, remain pliable and less brittle unlike "Dried Products." Care still needs to be taken in the care and handling of these products.

Some of the unique products available from The Scenic Factory include:

Foliage, Shrubs and Flowers
New Scenic Foliage & Flowers are another versatile product made from glycerin preserved shrub material and dyed, followed by a coating of a dimensional flower flocking.

TSF produces a number of different muds with varying degrees of "body" or texture including loaded, light bodied, wet and dry looks. Excellent for basing figures, weathering up AFV and any other application where a nice chunk of earth is needed. Also sold in "Mud Kits" which include: Mud with 5 individual packs including 1 pack fern, 1 pack moss, 1 pack dead branch, 1 pack twig/stick and 1 pack pine sticks

Scenic Tuffs
TSF static tufts are made with finest static grasses available and use a heavier adhesive then other manufactures to avoid damage to tufts when dislodging them from backing. "Pop" tufts off of backing with hobby knife. Unlike other companies these are packaged in convenient multi-size packs.

Scenic Shrubs & Natural Scenery
Scenic Shrubs are another versatile product made from glycerin preserved shrub material and dyed, followed by a coating of a dimensional flocking. Use as is, combine together to make larger shrubs or snip apart for smaller ones. Mix different shades together for a more realistic effect. Caspia, field grass, flowers and weeds and pine needles, shrubs (sea foam) are other natural products for use in hundreds of diorama setting. Can be used in all scales. 

Dead Stuff
The Scenic Factory offers a large selection of bark texture powder, dead trees, branches, saplings, sticks, forest floors and debris. These versatile products can be used in hundreds of ways from making trees to replicating war torn forests. 

John, the owner of TSF has graciously sent along some samples of his products. If you are in the area stop by the shop and have a look or bring along a figure or base or AFV and add some of our samples to it!

April 21, 2017

FRIDAY'S WITH FARLEY: Another Dose of Useless Tidbits

• Digital Delights...
 on Atlas Obscura

The Artists Who Depicted World War
In spring 1918, as hundreds of thousands of doughboys poured into Europe, one special group of eight American soldiers were brought together to provide an artistic take on the war. America’s first official “combat artists” roamed battlefields over the next year and produced a vast body of work—some 700 sketches and paintings—that captured the war experience for both the home front and the historical record...read the complete article HERE
“Going into position through a ruined town,” by Harvey Thomas Dunn
“Two six-ton tanks climbing a hill,” by Harry Everett Townsend.
Click to enlarge
• Socialized...
Found on Facebook
The Facebook page for the new movie Dunkirk
From filmmaker Christopher Nolan (“Interstellar,” “Inception,” “The Dark Knight” Trilogy) comes the epic action thriller DUNKIRK, In Theaters July 21, 2017
Can't Wait for this one!

• History Buff Heaven...
With Their Bare Hands: General Pershing, the 79th Division, and the Battle for Montfaucon by Gene Fax. 
Just finished up this great book....
With Their Bare Hands which traces the fate of the US 79th Division-men drafted off the streets of Baltimore, Washington, and Philadelphia-from their training camp in Maryland through the final years of World War I, focusing on their most famous engagement: the attack on Montfaucon, the most heavily fortified part of the German Line, during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive in 1918. 

Using the 79th as a window onto the American Army as a whole, Gene Fax examines its mistakes and triumphs, the tactics of the AEF commander-in-chief General John J. Pershing, and how the lessons it learned during the Great War helped it to fight World War II. Fax makes some startling judgments, on the role of future Army Chief-of-Staff, Colonel George C. Marshall; whether the Montfaucon battle-had it followed the plan-could have shortened the war; and if Pershing was justified in ordering his troops to attack right up to the moment of the Armistice. Drawing upon original documents, including orders, field messages, and the letters and memoirs of the soldiers themselves, some of which have never been used before, Fax tells the engrossing story of the 79th Division's bloody involvement in the final months of World War I.

• Benched...
the workbench of John Hoenig, Scenic Factory
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• Art of the Toy Soldier...
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• Built ...
Stunning 1/6th scale British Tommy by an unknown artist
Stunning 120mm vignette by unknown artist
• Collected ...
Grenade guys...

• The Parting Shot ...

April 20, 2017

TALKING TOYS CONTEST! Winner for #13-17 and Teaser for #14-17

It's Thursday so...we have a winner for last weeks Talking Toys #13-17 contest. Davis Pennington has snagged one of the most coveted prizes on earth...which is of course is a $50 Gift Card from Michigan Toy Soldier. Email us at michtoystaff@michtoy.com to claim your prize.


Here's the image for this weeks contest. All you have to do is come up with the wittiest quote for the word bubble, post to the comments on our Facebook page and you will win a $50.00 gift card from Michigan Toy Soldier Company. Just think... you get free stuff and you get show off your comedic charms that will fly around the world via  ‘Over The Top’ ‘News From The Front’ Google+ & Facebook pages. We will post the winning entry right here next Thursday.

April 19, 2017

It's Time For >>> Michigan Toy Soldier's 2017 Paint or Die Model & Figure Contest

You worked all winter on the project! Now it's time to show it off in...
Michigan Toy Soldier's 3rd Annual Spring 2017 
Paint or Die Model & Figure Contest 
Contest Runs April 1, 2017 to June 1st, 2017
Winners Announced June 15, 2017
Model Categories
BEST Advanced modeler
Best Novice modeler
Best Junior
BEST Model AFV/Vehicles
BEST Model Aircraft
BEST Model Naval
BEST Model Sci-Fi
BEST Non-Military Model
BEST Diorama or Vignette
BEST Weathering
Figure Categories
BEST Advanced modeler
Best Novice modeler
Best Junior modeler
BEST Historical Figure-
BEST Non Historical Figure- Sci-Fi etc.
BEST Diorama or Vignette-
BEST Small Scale 15mm-28mm
BEST Wargame Grouping

Winners in the People’s Choice** categories will receive a $250.00 Gift Card from Michigan Toy Soldier
Winners in all other categories:
Gold = $25.00 Gift Card from Michigan Toy Soldier
Silver =  = $15.00 Gift Card from Michigan Toy Soldier
Bronze =  = $10.00 Gift Card from Michigan Toy Soldier
How to Enter
You may enter as many times as you like. However; only one of your entries may be selected as a winner in each category. Send the following to michtoystaff@michtoy.com
1. Send up to 6 images no larger then 1000 pixels
​2. Send the information on your entry in the following format:
Entry Name: British 10th Regiment of Foot 1775
Category: Best Large Scale Painting (54mm and larger)
Material: Plastic
Scale: 54mm
Manufacturer: Accurate
Technique/Notes: Painted with acrylics, undercoated and final coated with with Plasti-Dip clear spray
Worldwide: Send your name and city/country plus 3-6 quality images (not more the 1000 pixels wide). State the desired category you wish to enter. Include a brief description of your entry including all relevant info such as scale, manufacture, products used to build, modifications & additions and anything else you may want to mention.

Local: Bring your model to the shop to enter. Local enteries will be on display for the -duration of the contest. State the desired category you wish to enter. Include a brief description of your entry incluing all relevant info such as scale, manufacture, products used to build, modifications & additions and anything else you may want to mention.
All entries will be featured on our website and social media outlets

April 18, 2017

FARLEY'S FIGURE OF THE WEEK #150: It's Spring – Think Green!

          Green Army Men - Defending Truth, Justice, And The Plastic Way Of Life
It's spring and everything's gone green! What better time to pay tribute to the coolest green of all...Green Army Men. We begin part one of our multi part Toys in the Attic series on the history of these proverbial little green guys with a video from David Fain.


For many American boys, playing with army men and blowing them up with fireworks is almost a rite of passage. Little green army men have been capturing the hearts of boys and men alike for over half a century. Blame it on the hunting gene and being part of the violent human race, boys just seem to know what to do when they have access to ‘wonderfully colored plastic war toys.’-

My childhood memories are full of countless hours of being on my stomach, floor or dirt, staring down dozens upon dozens of brightly colored green army men. Frozen in amazingly epic poses, these little soldiers exploded through my young mind in an imaginary telling of battles and wars. Yes, even the flag carriers and the communications and radio guys had a role, albeit a small and often short one. Ask any guy whether they can remember the “cardinal” green army guy positions, and they will list off the crawling guy, loading a mortar guy, throwing a grenade guy, minesweeper guy, bazooka guy.

Green plastic army men were a perennial, not only dangling from grocery store shelves, but they were also available via mail order from the backs of comic books. Green Army Men were tremendous fun right out of the bag. There were always enough that you didn't have to worry too much about losing men in backyard skirmishes or turning them into polystyrene green puddles under a magnifying glass or blowing them to bits with an M-80. I imagine that it's their disposable and cheap nature that has kept army men around in toy, hobby  and grocery aisles for more than half a century. 

April 14, 2017

FRIDAY'S WITH FARLEY: Easter Edition = The Chicago Shows!

It's  Easter weekend so you're getting a shortened Farley Friday edition as there a lot of eggs to be boiled up, colored and of course hidden...

• FWF Good Stuff...
Two of the best shows in the world for Toy Soldier & Figure modelers take place this year in Chicago. Below is a overview of the shows. Both get a Farley 5 Star endorsement!

World Model Expo Chicago 2017
When:  July 7-9, 2017
Where: Chicago Hilton, 720 S. Michigan Ave Chicago Il, 60605

After the last three successful shows in Europe—Stresa, Italy (2014), Montreux, Switzerland (2011), and Girona, Spain (2008) the World Model Expo is returning to the USA for the first time in a dozen years. The 10th edition of the event is scheduled for July 7-9, 2017 at the down-town Hilton Chicago overlooking Lake Michigan, Grant Park and the Museum Campus and is being hosted by the Military Miniatures Society of Illinois with experience in running one of the most popular local modeling shows in the world for the last 40 years

The event is staged every three years by the World Model Soldier Federation. The inaugural Expo was established by top modelers in Washington, D.C., in 1993. Subsequent host cities included Rome, Paris, Glasgow and Toronto before the conclave returned to the USA in Boston in 2005.

The show features Model & Figure competitions geared for hobbyists of all skill levels and are based on  “The central premise: to recognize good modelers and encourage promising ones” 

The Expo will also afford collectors of model figures, toy soldiers and wargaming armies an oppor-tunity to exhibit treasures from their collections. Of course, vendors will all types of goods will be on hand too including Michigan Toy Soldier.

Three days of seminars will begin Friday, July 7, with presentations by renowned sculptor Alan Ball, Napoleonics modeler Ivo Preda of Italy, diorama builder Dan Capuano, expert flats painter Catherine Cesario from France, Dennis Levy and Nick Infield on “The Art of Box Dioramas,” and John Rosengrant on “Modeling for the Movies.”

Saturday, July 8, German fantasy modeler Ben Komets is scheduled to demonstrate painting human skin tones with acrylics. Other presenters will include master modeler Bill Horan, fantasy sculptor Michael Kontraros from Greece, historical artist Keith Rocco and Adam Wilder with tips for weathering armor.

Sunday, July 9, the new book 
“Shep Paine’s Armor Modelers Guide” will be the subject of a panel discussion by various experts en-listed as contributors to the late great modeler’s last book. The event’s final seminar will feature Swedish master modeler Mike Blank demonstrating how to use color 
harmoniously to 
compose vignettes 
and dioramas.

Hope to see you there.
Visit the Show Website for Complete info >>> WORLD EXPO CHICAGO 2017
Follow the show on >>> FACEBOOK

2017 Chicago Toy Soldier Show
When: Sunday, September 24, 2017, 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Where: Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, 1800 East Golf Road, Schaumburg, IL 60173

The Chicago Toy Soldier Show premiered in 1980 as a spinoff of the hobby publication, Old Toy Soldier Newsletter (OTSN), which began publication in the mid-1970s. The five founding OTSN partners—Steve and JoEllen Sommers, Joe Wallis, Don Pielin, and Roger Garfield—envisioned a publication dedicated solely to the toy-soldier-collecting hobby. Collectors were enthusiastic about the venture and suggested a Show of their own.

All but the first two of the past Shows have been held at the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg. The Show venue helped to create the culture of the Show. Room sales, for which the Chicago Show is famous, start 4 days prior to the Sunday Show. The room sales started because vendors and friends looked forward to seeing each other at the Show and would arrive prior to the Show to socialize and trade. Over time, this informal trading became formalized into Chicago Toy Soldier Show room sales.

When first founded, the Show was primarily a showcase for vintage and antique toy soldiers and related items. As the hobby evolved, manufacturers began to produce toy soldiers in the manner of the original toys. More recently, manufacturers began to produce exquisite model figures that are detailed and not intended for use as toys. Today, visitors to the Chicago Toy Soldier Show will see vintage and antique toys, original toys that are compatible with the old toys, and reproductions cast from the same molds as the original toys. There is also an array of exquisitely detailed models that are made to be admired rather than played with. Because of its longevity and size, the Chicago Toy Soldier Show has also become a trade show; many manufacturers will debut new lines and products.

Visitors to the Show will find toy soldiers made of metal, plastic, composition, paper, and other materials. There are toy soldiers for every taste and every budget.

Visit the ALL NEW Show Website for Complete info >>> CHICAGO TOY SOLDIER SHOW 2017
Follow the show on >>> FACEBOOK

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• FWF Parting Shot...        

MTSC PRODUCT UPDATE: W Britain March-April 2017 Releases + Catalog Info

W Britain
Upcoming Releases...The new 2017 Spring Catalog releases have been announced. Highlights include ACW limbers & crews, Napoleonic Nassau Grenadiers and personalities in the Museum collection including Pershing, Churchill, Kitchener and Kaiser Wilhelm. These are now available for pre-order. HERE

View & Download a PDF of the 2017 Spring Catalog HERE

W Britain
Once a year Britains issues a comprehensive stock catalog of the entire range currently available. The 2017 edition clocks in at a whopping 68 pages all in full color glory.
View & Download a PDF of the 2017Stock Catalog HERE

W Britain
Latest Releases...
The latest batch of releases from Britains include the fantastic Ambushing Woodland Indians limited edition set, two of the greatest American Presidents, Civil War civilians, warring Saxons & Vikings, A British Admiral and a German WWII soldier. 

31272 American Civil War - "Mr. Dayfield" Young Civilian Man Standing 
31273 American Civil War - "Mr. Johnson" Middle-aged Man Standing 
31274 American Civil War - "Mrs. Johnson" Middle-aged Woman Standing

16046 Clash of Empires - "The Ambush" Native Warriors Firing From Cover - 3 Piece Set

10054 Museum Collection - George Washington 1780-83 
10055 Museum Collection - Abraham Lincoln 1861-65
13028 Jack Tars & Leathernecks - Admiral Nelson 

62120 Wrath of the Northmen - "Hereward" Saxon Pushing With Shield 
62121 Wrath of the Northmen - "Gostav" Viking Pushing With Shield 

25048 WWII - German Volksgrenadier Walking with K-98 No.1