January 19, 2017

"I'M SAYIN' WHAT?" Talking Figures! Teaser for #01

New Year...New contest! This year our I''m Sayin' What Contest' will feature toy soldiers, historical figures, model kits, dioramas and toys. All you have to do is come up with the wittiest quote for the word bubble.
Post your entry to the comments under the image on our Facebook page and you will win a $50.00 gift card from Michigan Toy Soldier Company. Just think...you get free stuff and you get show off your comedic charms that will fly around the world via  our newsletter ‘Over The Top’ our blog ‘News From The Front’ , our Google+ page & our Facebook page. We will post the winning entry right here next Thursday.

January 18, 2017

MTSC SneaK PeeK: Mission Models Premium Hobby Paints

MMP Acrylics are simply put, the acrylic airbrush ready paint we've all been waiting for. No more messing with lacquer thinner! Just a few drops of their thinner plus a few more of the optional MMP polyurethane add-in (reduces tip dry and increases durability, cures to an eggshell finish) and your paint will come out beautifully smooth. There are no additional additives to MMP paints which results in no shelf life , hard settles or breakdown.

We are proud to offer a simple and complete finishing system that  provides what you need to achieve your goals without the complexity of unnecessary products and confusion. Keep an eye out as our line will grow on a regular basis. All products are manufactured in the USA.

President, Mission Models
Due Late January! Click HERE to Pre-order & Save

The Mission Models Paint System (MMP) 

The Mission Models acrylic line of paint is non-solvent based and odorless. “We have invested hours of time researching and developing this new line to meet our high standards and the ability to offer the best paints for scale modelers and graphic artists.” Mission Models paints incorporate the finest ground and highest quality pigments for maximum opacity, lightfast and will not fade over time. The Formula is triple pigmented and does not include any additional thinners or reducers which in time can cause a break down of the paint and diminish shelf life and quality. Because the paint is triple pigmented and ultra fine you will find that MMP offers superior and beautiful coverage utilizing thin coats from the airbrush. Due to the fact that the pigments are so fine spraying through airbrushes with .015 and .2 needles found on many airbrushes is not a problem as with so many other hobby paints.

Mission Models paints are airbrush ready and can spray straight from the bottle with no issue and minimal tip dry. By nature all paint may vary in consistency based on pigment. You may find some paints to be slightly thicker than others which are natural properties of paint.  “We do recommend adding one or two drops of our Polyurethane Intermix when spraying straight from the bottle for enhanced flow and slower drying time when atomizing from the airbrush tip.” MMP have extensively tested in all conditions from winter cold to 105 degrees with 90% humidity with virtually no tip dry and no clogging of the airbrush. Although our paint is designed for airbrushing but also ideal for brush painting. Mission Models Paints will accept all manufactures clear coats with out conflict. Oil and enamel rendering, tinting and washes will pose no problems.

Check out the smooth fine finish...German Field Grey MMP-046 + 2 drops of
MMP Polyurethane Intermix over Grey Primer MMS-003.

Mission Models offer their own Thinner which is technically a reducer. The acrylic Thinner/Reducer acts as two different products. It is your Thinner and your airbrush cleaner. Many other products on the market require a separate reducer, flow enhancer, thinner and AB cleaner. Not these. Simply add the thinner to your paint, mix to the recommended ratio os 20 to 30% to 1 ( 2 or 3 drops thinner to 10 drops paint) and your done. Although the paint performs flawlessly straight from the bottle thinning it down with MMP Thinner / Reducer brings out the best.  MMP thinner is also your airbrush cleaner. It is NON ammonia based and will not strip the finish off your tools.

Polyurethane Intermix 
In addition to MMP Thinner we also have our Acrylic Polyurethane Mix. The MMP poly mix is an automotive grade additive and an integral part of your system.  Like the paint it is very easy to use.“ After thinning your paint with our thinner flip the cap on the poly with your thumb turn the bottle completely upside down (creates a vacuum effect in the bottle) and squeeze out a few drops into the paint and mix. One or two drops is all you need. For best results we highly recommend stirring the Poly and Thinner in your mixing cup. DO not shake. The poly additive is beneficial as it increases durability, sanding properties and further Leveling. You do not need to use the poly to make the paint work as intended but adding the poly to your reduced paint will give you increased and unbelievable museum quality results. MMP Polyurethane will slow the drying time so less is more. If you add too much Poly the paint will dry slower. Don't worry it will dry it will just take longer. We prefer to add one or two drops of Polyurethane to the paint when spraying straight from the bottle.  There is no need to add poly to our primer. 

Mission Models acrylic primers are also very easy to use. “Thin using our thinner ONLY. No substitutes period. Our primers need to be activated. Mixing in our thinner will instantly activate the primer. There are no tricks.  Our primer is acrylic and also non solvent based. Activating the primer will not turn it hot and will not damage any materials at all. The primer must be thinned for proper performance and leveling.” Mix it like you would mix paint. 20 to 30 % ( 2 or 3 drops thinner to 10 drops paint ) You do not have to do any thing different. We do not recommend spraying straight from the bottle as the primer is thick so must be thinned. Your airbrush can be rinsed with water and then final spray though though with MMP thinner. MMP primer is dry to the touch in about 15 minutes and dries super smooth and incredibly durable. No sanding required.

Clean up is easy with water, but MMP Thinner is the preferred method for total clean up.

Due Late January! Click HERE to Pre-order & Save

MMP Black Primer MMS-001 and Thinner MMA-002 
Click to enlarge. Release 1 Colors... Round 2 coming soon.

MTSC PRODUCT RELEASE NEWS: Kelly’s Heroes from Warlord Games

Rarely, if ever, have the words ‘war’ and ‘comedy’ somehow been so successfully combined as in MGM’s 1970 classic movie ‘Kelly’s Heroes’. However, the movie which was originally entitled ‘The Warriors’ underwent a major transformation process from its inception to its release, including the cutting of entire scenes and characters and the addition of extended action sequences.

Several members of the cast and crew voiced their disapproval of the changes which altered a grittier war movie with depth of character and an integral romantic sub-plot into an action-packed, farcical comedy. However, the cult following which Kelly’s Heroes enjoys nearly 50 years later and the plethora of infinitely quotable lines is perhaps the best proof that the final cut hit the nail right on the head.

Warlord Games has taken information from the final cut of the movie, Burt Hirschfeld’s accompanying 1970 novel of the same name and the real life history behind the units portrayed in the movie to bring a slice of Hollywood to your tabletop battlefields...
View to Order HERE

Oddball Heroes
ref. WLG 402213001
Box contains 8 metal miniatures.
Also there's a superb bonus within every box of Oddball Heroes! A full colour, 8 page, booklet provides every hero and vehicle with their own personalised themed special rules to add that 'Hollywood'flair and daring to your movie inspired games of Bolt Action.

Oddball Sherman
ref. WLG 402413001
Oddball’s Shermans are officially part of the US 6th Armored Division, but their Commanding Officer was decapitated by a German 88mm gun. The three tank crews have neglected to report this fact, which has allowed them to enjoy the delights of the French countryside in a rear echelon position, deliberately adopting the façade of a combat weary unit just out of action. There's a superb bonus within every box of Oddball Sherman! A full colour, 8 page, booklet provides every hero and vehicle with their own personalised themed special rules to add that 'Hollywood' flair and daring to your movie inspired games of Bolt Action.

Hollywood Tiger
ref. WLG 402412001
For the movie industry, the Tiger is often the ‘go to’ tank when depicting German armour in the Second World War. Unfortunately Tigers are exceedingly rare to the point that there is currently only one working Tiger left in the entire world. The 1969 Yugoslavian war epic ‘The Battle of Neretva’ found a clever way around this by converting a number of T-34 tanks to look like Tigers, a cost effective film solution.

January 14, 2017

Trench Runner Charles Oldaugh: Tries out Camouflage Masking Putty from Ammo of Mig

Charles Oldaugh** pops open a can of masking puttying and tries it out for the first time....

The easiest way to make hard edged camouflage on large models is by masking the area and spraying on the next color with the airbrush. We have all used Silly Putty, or Blue Tac in the past, but Ammo of Mig has released their own Masking Putty, and I was lucky enough to try it out. 

We have here a WWI MK 1 Female tank here. I chose a four color came that was used during the Somme Offensive in 1916. It's perfect pattern to test out the masking putty. I don’t know how far the putty will go, so I am going to do one side at a time. We start with the model painted in the lightest of the colors, a light tan. A.Mig-055 Oil Ochre

Now using a photo reference as a guide, I place the putty over the areas that I want to remain tan. 

We will paint this tank from lightest color to darkest. You can see in this next photo that I have sprayed the tank grey, and placed my next batch of putty. A.Mig-075 Stone Grey

 I repeat the process again, this time with a brown. A.Mig-076 Brown Soil

For the last time, we spray it with green. A.Mig-065 Forest Green

Cross your fingers and pull off all of the masking putty and you have a beautiful hard edged 

Once completed, the tank looks great and is ready for further detailing. 

After each layer of paint, I waited about 15 min and gave the model a quick blast with a hairdryer before placing the next layer of putty. Patience is necessary when using any masking product.

Once kneaded, the paint seemed to vanish from the putty, and I couldn’t tell that it had been used. This is really great stuff. Any armor painter should have this in his arsenal!

Products used in this article:
W Britains pre-built Mk I tank in 1/32nd scale bought on the secondary market
Camouflage Masking Putty from Ammo of Mig (ref. AMIG-8012)
Acrylic Paint Set: WW I British & German Colors from Ammo of Mig (ref. AMIG-7112)
Modern Russian Oil Ochre from Ammo of Mig (ref. AMIG-055)
Acrylic Thinner from Ammo of Mig (ref. AMIG-AMIG-2000)

**Charles comes from the 'gamer' figure painter spectrum of the hobby. He stared out painting GW fantasy figures he has branched out to historical larger scale figures, busts, dioramas and vehicles.  As a relative newcomer to these areas he offers a fresh beginners prospective to using the products he writes about.

MXpressions released the original Intelligent Panzer Putty Masking Agent (ref.MXA001) and it has been has been on the market for several years now. In 2016  Ammo of Mig released Camouflage Masking Putty which is simply Intelligent Panzer Putty Masking Agent in their own packaging. Same exact stuff but a little cheaper then the original.

January 13, 2017

Fridays with Farley...Another Dose of Useless Tidbits

• Digital Delights...

...is the all new free on-line modeling magazine from MXpressions the guys who brough Panzer Putty to the modeling world! They also have a new Vimeo channel where you can rent their video series and can check out trailers for each video before renting. They list a couple of interesting videos coming in 2017 including "Painting Camo & Winter Uniforms" by Oliver Kovacs  "Diorama Perfect Series" by Volker Bembennek.  Previous videos by Adam Wilder and Olivér Kovács released on DVD are excellent and highly recommended by MTSC!

• Sited...
Virtual Museum of Historical Miniatures based in Italy is a website created by Enzo Macaluso to archive the vast array of historical miniatures available across many different platforms such as Facebook, blogs and forums into one virtual museum. He has a nice start to this lofty goal. There are categories of Dioramas, Busts, Soldiers on Foot and Soldiers on Horse and then entries by time periods which is currently listed as a work in progress. Stop by and have a look, drop him a line of encouragement or even have some of your work added.
• Blogged

Felduniform features the incredible work of Günther Sternberg. He works mainly in 1/35th scale and has an extensive gallery of his WWI & WWII figures including stunning vignettes! 

His latest piece is titled So nahmen wir Waalhaven! ( So now we have *Waalhaven*) using the the new Andrea Miniatures figure AND-SEK-F001 Fallschirmjäger, 1940.

A couple nice and simple articles on Photographing figures and Figure Painting Step-by-Step are also featured. A visit here will inspire you and 
*Germany invaded Holland on May 10th 1940. The invasion, based on blitzkrieg, was swift and devastating. Holland surrendered just six days later as her military had been unable to cope with the speed of blitzkrieg. Fear was also great – Rotterdam had been severely damaged by bombing. 

German bombers attack Holland at 03.55 on May 10th. The target was Waalhaven airfield to the south of Rotterdam. One hour later, a battalion of paratroopers was dropped onto the airfield. Dutch troops based in Waalhaven put up fierce resistance but it was in vain. As with all early blitzkrieg attacks, the Germans had the element of surprise. While Waalhaven was being taken – a perfect base for the Luftwaffe to use – more paratroopers landed at Dordrecht, ten miles to the south-east of Waalhaven. Their task was to capture a vital bridge in the town. Such a prize would greatly assist the Germans ability to move vehicles in their assault on Holland.
• Built
So nahmen wir Waalhaven! by Günther Sternberg.
Featuring Andrea kit SEK-F001 Eisernes Kreuz Fallschirmjäger, 1940 (1/35)

• Socialized
found on Facebook...
AMMO of MIG on Facebook
...We at AMMO work day and night, happy to share our knowledge and modeling techniques, because helping other modelers to achieve their dreams is our passion.

The AMMO Facebook page keeps you up-to-date with their latest products, features the work of modelers worldwide using their products and lot's of nice Quick Tips.

• Benched

• Strange but true...
Who knew? Celery is nature's toothbrush for your colon!

• Yes...but is it art?

• The Parting Shot...
..old school food truck!

MTSC PRODUCT RELEASE NEWS: AK Interactive's Diorama F.A.Q. Book

ref. AK8000 Dioramas F.A.Q.
Clocking in at a whopping 560 pages, this is a complete guide for building dioramas, vignettes  and environments. This book gives away all the secrets of the master modeler Rubén González. You will find detailed information on how to make any kind of terrain, weather effects such as snow, rain, desert and anything you can think of. The most complete and ultimate guide to cover all those difficult tasks that often arise when trying to figure out how to build dioramas. For sure a must-have for the modeling world.
View the entire AK Diorama series HERE

Complete table of contents
 I. Concepts, Bases, and Displays 10
II. Theory of Composition in 3D 12
III. Techniques 26 

Chapter 1:
Bases 28 

Chapter 2:
Ground and Terrain 54 
Natural Terrain 56
Desert 57
Mud 65
Sand, Earth and Rocks 73
Stones and Rocks 89
Artificial Terrain 102
Asphalt 103
Cobblestones 121
Cement 128
Rubble and Debris 139
Special Ground Effects 146
Explosion Crater 148
Road Sinkhole 152
Puddles 158
Water 164

Chapter 3: 
Vegetation 170
Lawns, Shrubs, Bushes and Flowers 172 
Trees 200
Palm Trees 214
Special Effects 226
Trash 227
Mushrooms 231
Jungle 234

Chapter 4: 
Artificial Elements 254
Vertical Elements 256
Lamps and Lampposts 257
Power Pole 276
Signs 298
Architecture 318
Small Buildings 319
Large Buildings 346
Accessory Elements 386
Doors 387
Windows 405
Rooftops 415
Terraces and Balconies 429

Chapter 5:
Miscellaneous 436
Ground Cover 438
Jersey Barriers 440
Chemical Barrel 448
Wood Box 450
Drink Crate 453
Posters 455
Curtains 459
Footprints 460
Wood Boards 462
Tarps 464
Vending Machines 468
Wooden Pallet 472
Wooden Fence 474

Chapter 6:
Figures 476
Painting and Masking 478
Integration 486

Chapter 7: 
Construction and Atmosphere
Assembly of an Entire Diorama “Peace For Galilee” 502
Atmosphere “The Four Seasons” 518

Chapter 8:
Common Mistakes, Shows and Contests 532

Gallery 534 
Conclusions 558 
Acknowledgements 559 

Sample pages